Best Wooden Foosball Tables 2021 | Review & Buying Guide

Best Wooden Foosball Tables

Foosball (also referred to as table football or table soccer) may be a tabletop game that supports soccer. generally, it’s played by individuals (singles or doubles) during which one player controls the 2 defensive rows while the opposite uses the midfield and attack rows. Foosball is one of the few universal games that’s suitable for players of all ages. You’ll have even as much fun playing foosball together with your kids as you are doing playing against your friends.

The game requires that you simply keep an eye fixed on a little ball that flies across the table as you employ knobs and handles to regulate players on those handles and to stay your opponent from sinking a ball in your goal. This foosball table is often enjoyed by people of all ages (from kids to adults), together can easily learn and play this amazing game. It works smart to play reception or at any event, like evening entertainment parties, conferences, arcades, youth centres, and more.

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3 main factors to urge the Best Wooden Foosball Table

  • Types – generally, there are 4 sorts of foosball tables available within the market. they’re Standard, Table-top, Combinational (or multi-game), and coin-operated. Choose the one as per your need.
  • Size – it’s recommended to possess a playing space of about 7 – 8 feet for this foosball table (or) buy the table that suits the size of your room to put this foosball table. But remember that you simply should need about 3 – 4 feet of playing field around the table.
  • Material – The composite, solid wood, and fiberboard are mainly utilized in its construction. The solid wood is employed for the development of top quality models and fiberboard is for lowest quality and therefore the composite falls in between these two.

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Best Wooden Foosball Tables

How to Choose Best Wooden Foosball Table – Buying Guide

We know that choosing a foosball table is tough, which is why we compiled a brief list that goes over a number of the items to seem for when choosing the proper one.

  • Professional vs. Home Model

As you check out the markets, you’ll encounter some professional or commercial models also as some home models. Commercial and professional foosball tables may have electronic scoring systems and more dependable legs, but these models often have a coin operator or slot that needs you to employ money to play. Home models aren’t quite as strong but lack the coin mechanism.

  • Goalie Rod/Handle

The rod or handle that you simply use to regulate the players determines the situation of every set of players in the sector. one among those rods will sit right ahead of your goal box and have either one or goalie or up to 3 goalies. The more goalies that you simply have, the more assist you get defending your box.

  • Overall Construction

You have a couple of options when it involves the general construction of your foosball table. Some models accompany an MDF construction that generally won’t last as long as hardwood will, et al. use a metal frame with laminate over the frame. Hardwood tables are far more durable but cost more too.

  • Adjustable Legs

You should always search for a model that comes with adjustable legs or levers that permit you to adjust each individual leg. Adjustable legs can change the angle or slant supported any dips in your floor. you’ll also adjust those legs to assist your kids to play easier.

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  • Combination 

Combination models generally cost much but standard models, but these are great for those that want to play foosball without sacrificing space. Combination models generally accompany three different tops that you simply can use on the bottom, but some accompany up to 5 tops. With a combo table, you’ll play billiards, ping pong, and other games additionally to foosball.

  • Ball Retrieval System

The ball retrieval system refers to the interior system that allows you to grab the ball that an opponent lands in your goal. Some have rails inside that permit that ball drop into a slot or space on the side, which suggests that you simply may have to maneuver to grab the ball. Others have a more basic system that drops the ball from your goal to a slot right ahead of you.

  • Total Weight

You want a foosball table that weighs a minimum of 120 to 150 pounds. Though some companies make models that weigh under 100 pounds, these cannot accommodate all the actions and plays that you simply make. Heavier models are more durable but are harder to maneuver too.

  • Rod and Grip Materials

Rods made up of chrome steel are usually best because the metal slides more effortlessly and lasts longer. you’ll also choose from grips used on the handles made up of either wood or a kind of textured material, which can allow you to play more comfortably.

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Best Wooden Foosball Tables

List of Best Wooden Foosball Tables | Review

Tornado Tournament 3000 Foosball Table

Buy From Here

Tornado Tournament 3000 Foosball Table

Not everyone likes the thought of employing a coin foosball table for home use, which is why Tornado now offers this Tournament 3000 model. Though almost like the T-3000 that we put at the highest of the list, it lacks the coin mechanism on the front. you’ll enjoy even the longest of tournaments without fear about adding extra change within the middle of a game.

This table is structured in such a way to fulfill all the standards regulated by the International Table Soccer Federation, it comes with simple markers on each end that you simply can slide with one hand when you play. One set of these markers helps you retain an eye fixed on the present score. The opposite set allows you to mark the number of your time outs you took and see what percentage you’ve got left.

Levers placed on each leg can even change the entire height of the model to allow you to play competitively both with and against players of various ages. made up of durable materials, the Tournament 3000 comes with the wrap that mimics chrome steel around the sides and a ball slot for dropping the ball within the center of it. Once a player makes a goal, that ball drops right into an area on the side.


  • Great quality table. Heavy, solid, and sturdy.
  • Perfect for all ages
  • Great value for your money
  • Built for competitive play
  • Convenient design
  • Comes with tons of accessories

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Tornado Worthington Foosball Table

Buy From Here

Tornado Worthington Foosball Table

If you’re keen on playing foosball but hate the brilliant colors and modern designs of most models, you’ll love the Tornado Worthington. It has a durable metal frame that will withstand years without breaking or bending, but it also comes with a wrap that appears like traditional hardwood. This rich combination of finishes and colors will add class and elegance to any home.

Rather than using rubber grips on the handles, which tend to seem a touch cheap, Tornado added natural wood handles to the present model. Those handles will fit comfortably in almost any hand and won’t rub uncomfortably against your skin. The natural finish of the woodworks with the design of the maple wrap too.

Thinner walls on the within offering you more freedom of movement and assist you to block and take shots better and faster. You’ll not find that the handle hits the side of it or that the ball goes spinning within the other way as you hit it. The players attached to every handle use either black or yellow shade, which helps you more clearly see your players in the sector. Adjustable levers sit on the rock bottom of every leg too.


  • Solid construction
  • Easy to assemble with clear instructions
  • Blends right in together with your home furnishings
  • Comes with sleek and sturdy handles
  • Stylish design with a classic style
  • Can withstand years of playing

Carrom Signature Foosball Table

Buy From Here

Carrom Signature Foosball Table

Rich colors and dramatic accents take this unit to subsequent levels and make it the sort of model that you simply can use with players of all ages. Carrom offers this model in several styles, but we just like the black option the simplest. It comes with thick black legs on each corner that match the darker wood finish of the cupboard. Those legs accompany levers for quickly adjusting all. you would possibly increase the peak of 1 side of it when using it on a slanted floor, but you’ll also adjust all four to boost and lower the general height of the supporter who uses it.

Printed graphics on the model’s surface add a fun element to every game because those graphics make the surface appear as if it is an actual soccer field. you’ll easily see where your players are and therefore the location of your goalie box. The players, which are available black and yellow, are easily visible against that green background.

At 55-inches long, this model is simply the proper size for players of all ages and skill levels. you’ll drop the ball into the opening on the side and grab the ball from the slot right beneath your goal.


  • Easy to place together
  • Great for your rumpus room 
  • Comes with cup holder
  • 3/8 inch thick wear-resistant play surface

Best Wooden FooBoot BOY Foosball Tablessball Tables

Buy From Here

Boot BOY Foosball Tables

Boot Boy is one of the highest foosball tables selling brands. This foosball table is one amongst the FTSI approved and CARB certified MDF construction. It is made from high-grade laminated medium-density fiberboard (MDF) with solid square leg construction that enhances its stability and sturdy construction.

It comes with many features like chrome-plated hollow steel rods, wear-resistant & impact resistant player rod bearings, high elasticity, weighted counterbalanced players, impact-resistant precisely controlled foosballs, straight & smooth player rods. The table contains 8 playing rods with 6 balls (36 mm). The installation manual will guide you in ways to assemble the table properly.


  • Dimensions – 55 X 30 X 34.5 inches
  • Material Type – Wood
  • Color – American Ashwood
  • Weight – 50 kg

Rowan Indoor Football game

Buy From Here

Rowan Indoor Football game

This Rowan indoor football may be a table-top model of the soccer game. It’s light-weight with sturdy legs for the table that permits you to maneuver this table from one place to another. It requires a little space to hide when not in use (great space saver with compact size). It comes with features like comfortable & easy to carry 6 handles and durable rods, easy ball return, slider score bar on each side to stay track of the score, 2 soccer balls (smaller than Ping-Pong ball), 18 pieces of football players, 2 or more players can play this game.

It is easy to find out and play for your kids (or beginners) and this also improves the understanding levels of youngsters towards this foosball or soccer game. it’s highly durable to face up to serious anger bouts. It’s fun transformed into passion because it brings energy, spirit, and keenness to the sport. Overall, it’s a fun game for teenagers above 3 years.


  • Dimensions – 69 X 37 X 24 cm
  • Recommended age bracket – 3+ years
  • Color – Black
  • Size – 27 inches long
  • Weight – 3 to 4 kg
  • Material Type – fiberboard

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Bottom Line

So, that’s it! We’ve taken a very good check out what makes an excellent Wooden foosball table, and we’ve reviewed some excellent examples too. There’s undoubtedly a table for each taste in this article.

Hope this article has cleared your vision if you’re in a mood to buy a Foosball Table. 

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