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Warrior Table Soccer

Foosball tables are famous and people love to play foosball. That’s not even bad, it’s a good indoor game and can be played for hours without any worry or irritation. This game has something special, no one gets bored with this game and even it provides a great competition mindset that teaches you to plan on your goals. We have read a lot of articles regarding foosball tables and nowadays we can actually find tons of brands which are manufacturing foosball tables. Well, there are obviously some brands which we trust more than any others like Warrior Table Soccer Professional Foosball Table, Atomic Pro Force Foosball Table

Today, we will review the Warrior Table Soccer Pro Foosball Table. I am personally a great user of Warrior products. This is a great brand that knows exactly what you need. The big reason behind this statement is the founder of this brand. Brendan Flaherty, the owner of Warrior Table Soccer is also a professional foosball player. Brendan took elements of different table manufacturers and enhanced the table design to create his own table. At the time of manufacturing, he also interviewed many players to gather their input on the table design so that he can manufacture a table that everyone loves. The results are amazing and now there are millions of customers who love Warrior tables to play foosball.

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Warrior Table Soccer

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Warrior 2021 Table Soccer Professional Foosball Table | Features

  • Fast and Easy Assembly

The major issue that comes after purchasing a foosball table or ping pong table is assembly. The assembling process consumes a lot of time and is also very difficult. If you already have a foosball table or you are upgrading then maybe you have some experience in assembling a foosball table but if it’s your first time then maybe you just can’t fix it properly. 

The Warrior foosball table has a unique cabinet design that allows quick and easy assembly with one simple tool in about 25 min. That means in just 25 minutes your table will be ready to play and you can just enjoy the game with snacks. It’s not actually just because of the cabinet design, the rods come with men assembled too. You don’t have to deal with the painstaking process of putting on all the foosball men when assembling the table. The company even provides a one-year manufacturing warranty. 

  • Safest Playing Table 

When we know we are playing on a table which contains fast actions and moving rods, we have to take some extra care about it. The fast-moving rods might hurt you or any children. The Warrior foosball table has a protective rod guard system that will help distract players from being struck by a fast-moving rod. The young curious children will also be protected when coming too close to view rod’s action and players’ movements.

They will not affect the play of the rods and adds a level of additional safety to the game. These rods can cause serious damage to anybody as they are moving so fast during gameplay. So, as a manufacturer, the company is taking care of its customers and you should also pay attention to safety while playing.  

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  • Pro-Style Bearing

Playing such a game that requires speed and power needs powerful bearings. The high-performance spit bearing allows for faster and more powerful shots. This design also allows for the easy installation of rods. You just have to place it through the opening and attach the bearing. The company claims that its bearings are strong enough to bear all power shots and speed attacks. 

  • Counter Balance Foosball Men 

Its true rods should be comfortable so that players can easily play and concentrate on their match. But other than rods, the players attached to rods should also be perfect so that they don’t miss a single shot. The Warrior Foosball players are designed with ridged feet for better ball control and grip. That means you will be able to execute all shots and banking the ball is now easier. A warrior foosball table cannot only have professional matches but can also improve and polish your skills. 

  • Integrated Leg Leveler

This is a feature that makes the Warrior foosball table a professional one. Table feet features a swivel base that is designed to make levelling on uneven surfaces easier. Complete with a 5” rubber base and locking nut this will help prevent unwanted movement while playing. This feature will let you raise or lower each corner for your ideal playing height. 

  • Pro-Style Ball Return 

The Warrior foosball table removes the use of hoses. They provide a more constant ball return. This special manufacturing enclosed bottom of the table will channel the ball to the centre of the table. Many of you might not be able to understand properly what a pro-style ball return means but it’s probably the most amazing manufacturing technique which ensures that your game will run great without any errors.

Professional Foosball Tables - Warrior Table Soccer

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Warrior Table Soccer Pro Foosball Table: What’s in the Kit

The greatest advantage of purchasing a Warrior Professional is the extra maintenance kit. Other than all foosball brands, Warrior Foosball tables include a complimentary maintenance kit with a few items that will be helpful to you in the future. This complimentary kit consists of the following item:

1. 2 Football in case your current foosball gets damaged.

2. 1 replacement of red man in case if you find any problem with the red man.

3. 1 replacement black man in case you find any issue.

4. A bottle of silicone lubricant for cleaning.

5. 1 pin punch. 

By purchasing a Warrior foosball table you will enjoy a 1-year limited warranty on the replacement of all parts (excluding cabinet, playfield, shipping, and handling). The foosball table dimensions are 56Lx32Wx36H. The weight of this table is 205LBS.    

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Warrior Soccer Pro Foosball Table | Specification

1. Black leather laminate finish with ½ inch thick cabinet walls. 

2. It even has adjustable leg levellers for easy table levelling on uneven surfaces. 

3. ¾ inches laminate tabletop with Warrior logo imprinted on it.

4. Handles are provided with are attached with table sides and are made up of moulded plastic. 

5. Black and red foosball men are provided which are already attached with the rods for easy installation. You don’t have to waste time in properly fixing players on the rod. 

6. Single side ball return system which allows you to easily retrieve the ball when practising the game solo.

7. The newly installed thinner bearing design at the inner side does not allow the ball to be passed between the man and the wall.

8. Stainless steel foosball bars are provided.

9. 10 beaded abacus style scoring on both ends are provided on the table.

10. One man goalie defence style system is also installed.

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So, these were the quality and feature points of the Warrior Foosball Table. The company is providing almost every required feature with the table. The extra maintenance kit provided with the table ensures that in any emergency requirement of any part you will have it available with you. So you don’t have to rush for a single required part. It is a great table for playing and improving your skills. 

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