Vintage Foosball Tables – Antique & Retro Style Tables

Vintage Foosball Tables

Foosball is one among the Oldest Table Games, invented within the early 1900s. This suggests that for nearly 100 years people have been making them. Foosball table may be a welcome addition to an existing rumpus room in your home or the right starter piece for a replacement rumpus room. This timeless game is certain to supply years of entertainment for your family and guests. However, choosing the simplest Foosball Table for you’ll be hard, since there’s a table for nearly every imaginable situation. Foosball tables not only home in size, but also vary within the number of men on the goalie stick, the supply of lighting and other modern features, and whether or not they are designed for indoor or outdoor use. of these options also means that there’s a foosball table for each budget, from under 100 dollars to many thousand dollars.

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Vintage Foosball Tables – Buying Guide

What are Vintage, Antique & Retro Style Foosball Tables

Vintage tables are old foosball tables, just like the antique tables. However, these tables tend to be aged from the mid-1950s to the first 1990s. After this era the tables would look almost like today’s tablets, so probably shouldn’t be termed vintage (yet). These tables also are getting harder to shop for as there seems to be a growing demand for them. More foosball tables were made during this period, in order that they are going to be easier to return by, and hence less expensive than an Antique Foosball Table. Parts are going to be easier to return by, and if the table has been well maintained, then you’ll be ready to have a far better game. But the sport will still probably not be nearly as good as on a contemporary table.

What to see When Buying An Old Foosball Table

Trust your gut feeling; if it’s new then it probably is, new shiny nails indicate that this is often not an old table. There aren’t many fake foosball tables but take no chances! Dovetail joints are a symbol that this is often a homemade table and not some mass-produced piece. The thinner the dovetail, the higher the table was made Don’t search for shine and polish. A refinished table may look great, but doing this will reduce its value. The weathered finish is what tons of individuals are trying to find to search for signs of woodworm, especially active worms.

An old wooden table may have a couple of boreholes in it, but you would like to make sure there isn’t an excessive amount. Be especially wary if there are any fresh boreholes the standard of the parts of the table. Of course, there’ll be some wear and tear on an old foosball table. But check out the parts that are getting to need replacing. A number of these are getting to be very hard to seek out, and possibly some will have to be handcrafted to exchange your worn parts. Finding the manuals for these tables can also be difficult.

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Vintage Foosball Table Vs. Vintage Style Foosball Table

There may be a difference between a foosball table which is a vintage model and one which is meant to resemble one. It’s important to form excellence because these two sorts of tables are similar yet very different.

Actual vintage tables are foosball tables which were designed and built a minimum of a few decades ago. Most vintage tables that collectors ask are models which were made within the 60s and 70s because it can get very pricey to seek out foosball tables which were made before those particular decades.

Tables which feature a vintage style could be produced within the past year, but they’re meant to seem and desire tables which were made an extended time ago. This suggests that it’s easier to seek out replacement components for them, but they lack a number of aspects which make retro tables preferable.

Vintage Foosball Tables

Advantages Of Vintage Foosball Tables

  • You may be wondering why people would want to take a position in Retro Foosball Tables when there are perfectly good standard tables available. you’ll find that there are a couple of reasons that retro tables are a superb choice for any serious foosball player.
  • Primarily, retro foosball tables offer far better build quality than about the foremost expensive models from this day. Foosball tables, like many other products from earlier eras, featured far more resilient construction than they are doing today before quality was exchanged for quantity.
  • Many vintage foosball tables were hand-assembled, unlike the mass-produced models of today. you’ll find that this makes for a special game and significantly reduces the number of manufacturer defects present in retro tables. There are other advantages to retro tables, however.
  • Retro foosball tables also tend to feature a more stylish aesthetic than newer tables, which can better complement the design of your rumpus room. they have a tendency to feature solid wood frames that aren’t painted over with gaudy decals such as you will find on many modern foosball tables.
  • These older foosball tables usually have a point of sophistication that’s hard to seek out in their more modern counterparts.

Disadvantages Of Vintage Foosball Tables

  • There also are a couple of reasons why you’ll prefer more modern foosball tables, however. it’s always important to think about both the pros and cons of your decision when buying any product, and it’s an equivalent for retro foosball tables.
  • Retro tables tend to be a touch less tight when it involves gameplay tolerances just because they’re older and tables tend to relax over time. If a retro table has been properly maintained for the past few decades, then it’s likely that it’ll have maintained most of its gameplay quality, but which will be quite rare and expensive.
  • Speaking of price, that’s another disadvantage of retro tables, and why some customers prefer tables which are inbuilt the retro style as against the real article. per annum, the amount of retro foosball tables decreases, as some models are lost to mechanical issues, fires, etc. This rarity makes these tables pricey.
  • Speaking of rarity, the scarcity of replacement parts available for retro foosball tables is one among the most issues behind why they’re so hard to seek out. Since these tables are so old, it is often pretty hard to seek out parts for them, and once you do find the parts you would like, the worth will very likely be massively inflated.
  • The marketplace for retro foosball tables is often quite cutthroat, as you’ll find when it involves any marketplace for retro products. The mixture of yearly price inflation, lack of replacement parts then far more makes for a community which is tight-knit but still highly competitive.

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Best Vintage Foosball Tables in our List | Review

Antique & Retro Style Tables

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EastPoint Sports Newcastle Foosball Table

EastPoint may be a specialized brand when it involves foosball and that we have reviewed this foosball table before. this is often not one among those refurbished foosball tables, it’s an old-style foosball table.

The reason why we’re mentioning again is the incontrovertible fact that it’s an excellent foosball table for this subject. it’s the vintage look and it’s on the marketplace for a while.

The game performance is great because it’s adjustable leg levellers, but it’s a touch light so you would possibly move it during aggressive play. The rods on the table are high-performance which makes it better than other models during this price range.

Since we are already talking about price, this Vintage foosball table isn’t so expensive and we think it’s a reasonably decent table for the worth range. If you’re curious about learning more about the EastPoint foosball table brand, or maybe inspect their offer, visit my EastPoint Foosball Table post.


  1. Good design
  2. Leg levellers
  3. High-performance rods


  1. Quality

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Antique & Retro Style Tables

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Hathaway Primo (Best Value for Money)

The Hathaway Primo may be a good foosball table for the cash that it costs. It’s not the premium tournament play standard of our top table on this list, and it won’t take an equivalent amount of frenzied gameplay, but it’s an excellent budget option and makes no mistake in the least, it absolutely will do an excellent job of providing all the foosball fun you’ll ever handle.

The Hathaway Primo weighs in at near a 3rd of a load of our favourite table on this list, but at 130 pounds, it’s still a particularly playable model and therefore the decreased weight of this makes it perfect for those of you out there who won’t have any possible way of getting a heavier table to its final resting place. You get nicely counterbalanced men with this foosball table which will bring good gameplay at more advanced skill levels. The players look nicely designed and powerful too. the great thing about them is that they’re actually made from wood – which may be a very retro feature which will appeal to tons of individuals.

One disappointing thing with the Hathaway Primo is that the manufacturer has opted to travel by solid steel rods, which may be a shame because this table also features very nice wooden handles and it’s puzzling that they’ve gone down this road. They claim to possess an “E-Z Glide” bearing system – which could help, but a heck of tons of great footballers are getting to be alarmed by the very fact that these rods are solid. Aside from that, this table features an honest levelling system and it’s an excellent option. It’s just a shame about the solid rods, but if you’re not a professional, you’ll not even notice the difference within the speed the sport is played at.


  1. Counterbalanced men 
  2. Sturdy Good levelling system
  3. Nice retro wooden features 


  1. Solid rods a touch too light as compared to other tables.

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Antique & Retro Style Tables Buy From Here

KICK Legend (Best Foosball Table Designed Upright Pick)

Our third pick is from Kick, another nice table. This is often very almost like the Kick table above on the list and may almost be thought of as a static version of an equivalent table because it doesn’t fold. The KICK Legend weighs in at 143 pounds, which again is within a pleasant range of weights for a foosball table and shouldn’t move an excessive amount of in the least during gameplay. You get an equivalent two sets of players with the KICK Legend as you are doing with the KICK Majesty Table.

One set of nicely counterbalanced men and a further set of uniformed players – which can be slightly that pleases a number of the youngsters out there and is additionally nice if aesthetics is more your thing than serious gameplay. Equivalent puzzling semi-solid rods are fitted to the KICK Legend as were on the KING Majesty. 

Again, this won’t have the intense foosball players running to snap the table up, but this table also features great levelling feet and therefore the build is extremely, very solid and appealing too, so it’s many good features going for it to be a beautiful option for tons of individuals. you are getting the selection of a 3 or a 1 goalie setup with the KICK Legend, which makes it an excellent all-rounder in terms of a good player level of ability. beat all, it’s a pleasant foosball table for an honest price.


  1. Great levelled feet
  2. Nice weight
  3. Nice build 
  4. Looks great
  5. Two sets of men 1 or 3 goalies


  1. Hollow rods

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vintage foosball table

Portuguese Foosball Table

This Portuguese foosball table is formed from solid wood which suggests you’ll expect it to be stable, heavy and sturdy. This is often considered as an antique foosball table purchasable.

I like the planning because it really captures that “vintage” look on every part of the table. the whole table is handmade so it’s going to have a special colour once you see it face to face, but the very fact that it’s completely handmade may be a great advantage.

The aluminium players on the plasticized playing field and painted by hand which provides the normal look. the whole playing field on this antique wooden foosball table is slightly curved therefore the ball will always be in motion.

I know that this is often not a daily vintage foosball table and there’s another thing which makes this antique foosball table-valued quite differently because they’re producing 1970’s foosball tables purchasable. It’s one sort of commercial foosball table because it’s a Slug slot machine so you’ll put it in your bar.


  1. Impressive design
  2. Made from solid wood
  3. Hand-painted players
  4. The curved playing surface for ball movement


  1. Price
  2. Slug slot machine

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vintage foosball table

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Barrington 56 inch Allendale Foosball Table

Barrington 56 Allendale Collection Foosball TableAnother vintage foosball table you’ve got to ascertain is formed by Barrington, just like the model above. What I prefer about this table is the incontrovertible fact that it resembles the Bradley Industrial foosball table I even have reviewed because it is the first foosball table on this list, but it’s a way cheaper option.

The cabinet of this table is formed of durable veneer and its dark brown colour so it’ll slot in your vintage-styled home. The robotic players on this foosball table are made within the black/grey colour combination in order that they don’t stand out of the playing field.

What I prefer about this table is that it comes with metal legs and hidden leg levellers so you’ll make certain that the playing surface is going to be 100% straight all the time. it’s better performance than other models and away cheaper price so it’s one among the simplest on the list.

You don’t need to be surprised thereupon because the table is formed by Barrington, which is legendary for furniture-like foosball tables with good price and good quality. So, inspect the Barrington offer in my post about the brand.

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Retro Style Tables


We hope that we’ve been ready to enlighten you about the various vintage foosball tables and their pros and cons of deciding to get which vintage foosball table. like the other retro product, there’s nothing quite a sort of a vintage model. there’s something unique about the older models you’ll encounter, as their age tends to offer the character.

So basically it’s up to you to shop for which foosball table but we hope we’ve cleared all the queries in your mind. Till then Happy Playing.

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