Best Outdoor Foosball Tables 2021 (Guide & Review)

Best Outdoor Foosball Tables

Foosball is understood as an inside game since tables are typically manufactured with parts that do not fare well within the elements. If you allow your traditional game table outside you’ll notice the rods tend to rust and therefore the wooden cabinet and playing surface will first warp before eventually rotting out. However, some manufacturers have solved this problem by producing tables that are specifically designed to face up to the outside. These Outdoor Foosball Table models have anti-rust materials and wood or plastics that are protected to resist warping, making them the right versions for parks, backyards, resorts, vacation and beach homes, frat houses, outdoor bars, tailgates, and more. Just be prepared to spend a touch bit more on these models because they need upgraded components from the highest down. These are dual-purpose and you’ll use these inside or out.

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Remember, when you compare all the models on the market, that the Outdoor Tables tend to cost little quite the quality models (and with over $1000 being average for the great and cheap option). But, they’re designed to be very durable because they need to face up to all types of weather and therefore the temperatures. While the worth might sound high compared to the quality foosball tables, remember you’re getting far more quality also as durability for the cash.

Facts to consider when you purchase an OUTDOOR FOOSBALL TABLE: Buying Guide

  • What to think about?

Before selecting a table for your patio or yard, do take a flash to think about if it’s the proper choice for your needs. We’ve come up with a few considerations for you to believe before making that purchase.

  • Does it accompany a weatherproof cover? 

If not, you would like to get one separately. Though outdoor tables do have protective coatings against exposure to weather and therefore the sun UV rays, you continue to want to stay covered when not in use. this may help it last even longer. Plus, you don’t want to travel bent play and need to remove a bunch of debris from the playing surface, or worse, bird poop!

  • What’s it made of?

Some materials last longer within the outside elements than others, so make certain to see out what your preferred tables are made out of. And if you’re trying to make a decision between two models, then use this to form your final judgment by choosing the more durable model.

  • How’s a general quality? 

A bit like with an inside model, the general quality and features can vary from one model to subsequent. A number of the features that you’ll want to seem for include:

  1. Leg levellers.
  2. High-stress rods.
  3. Unbreakable players.
  4. 3-man or 1-man goalie setup.
  5. Sloped corner and side rails to stay ball always live. 
  6. Glass table surface vs laminate surface.

You also want to think about other things just like the price and your available space. One thing that you’ll want to recollect as your shop is that the outdoor models tend to possess a rather higher tag than your standard indoor models.

So, do expect to pay a touch more for one among these than the regular ones. Of course, prices and discounts change all the time, so if you go searching and compare prices, you only might find yourself with an honest deal at an inexpensive price!

And remember, the good thing about one among these is that they will be moved within the house once the weather starts to chill off, so if you don’t yet have one inside your home, then this is often a great excuse to buy! And if you’ve been trying to urge the youngsters to play outside but they don’t want to ride bikes or play some basketball, this could be just what it takes to urge them out of the house.

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List of Best Outdoor Foosball Tables – Review

Kettler Carrara Outdoor Foosball Table

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1. Kettler Carrara Outdoor Foosball Table

Kettler Carrara is one of the most impressive outdoor foosball tables by its features. The entire table is formed to face up to outdoor conditions because it is coated with special anti-rust plating. As you’ll see the legs have leg levellers and therefore the entire table stability is improved with special bars between the legs. The special anti-rust chrome rods will assist you to control the ball even better than before. That’s a really important feature of each foosball table, especially those with the 1-man goalie configuration. Just like every outdoor foosball table on the market, this one also comes with special protection protecting the table.


  1. Leg levellers
  2. Telescopic rods
  3. Durable material to face up to weather


  1. Price

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Garlando G500 (Weatherproof Foosball Table)

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2. Garlando G500 (Weatherproof Foosball Table)

As the top brands in gaming tables, you already know that you simply will get the simplest quality just in case you select the Garlando G500 weatherproof model. One of the cool things is that you’ll choose between 2 different colours while you purchase it – the navy or the sunshine blue. Construction of the Garlando G500 cabinet is really made up of the ultra-durable best-quality marine plywood and with the laminate exterior. This is often also waterproof and just the best waterproof glue is going to be used on this. This price is far better than another product of an equivalent type. Metals legs are sturdy and have the anti-scratch varnish thus you are not got to worry about this getting roughed up. Telescopic steel rods are very stress-resistant and also feature the triple anti-rust chromium-plating. Roller bearings are anti-rust and you’ll find players that are literally made with the unbreakable moulded plastic.

You would not mind paying a touch more for this outdoor foosball table purchasable,  albeit they cost more but provide the safety which is extremely important. Also, you are not going to worry about rain damaging the Garlando G500 because it comes with its own waterproof outdoor foosball table cover, which you’ll place on it while you’re not playing. If you’re curious about learning more about this table and other tables within the Garlando foosball table offer, read my post here.


  1. Better quality
  2. Safe
  3. Durable


  1. Price
  2. Assembling

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Kettler Weatherproof Indoor Outdoor Foosball Table

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3. Kettler Weatherproof Indoor Outdoor Foosball Table

While it comes about outdoor gaming tables, Kettler brand is one among the simplest and therefore the Kettler weatherproof table is not any exception. The Italian made table isn’t only one of the most cost-effective choices on the list, however, it’s one among the simplest quality for the worth. This cabinet is weather-resistant, which keeps the exterior looking excellent and new per annum long. Steel legs are sturdy with built-in leg levellers if your patio isn’t straight which isn’t uncommon for outdoor surfaces. Telescopic steel rods actually are from high-stress resistant material and that they are covered with anti-rust plating.

Also, you’ll notice that players are literally made from the unbreakable plastic. Just like the Garlando model above, the Kettler table comes with its waterproof cover, which you’ll put over this while you’re not playing. While you compare the Kettler outdoor foosball table to the opposite models during a list, I feel that you simply will agree this offers the simplest value for the cash. Believe features, affordability also likes quality.


  1. Telescopic rods
  2. Leg levellers
  3. High-quality materials


  1. Price

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René Pierre Tahiti Outdoor Foosball Table

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4. René Pierre Tahiti Outdoor Foosball Table

This is a really interesting table, and it’s an excellent weight for golf at 165 pounds so there’s getting to be no issues with movement or tilting during play – unless you’re playing against the Incredible Hulk. Construction material is Medex, which is claimed to be very eco friendly, and everything is rustproof, so weathering isn’t going to affect the Tahiti table in the least. The legs are solid, and one among the nicest features with this unit is that the players are all diecast and painted by hand. 

The rods are telescopic – which is usually getting to be an excellent feature for any foosball table, and it really does look quite striking. Although this table isn’t a classic foosball table sort of design it’s absolutely relevant for people.

There’s no cover with this table, which is extremely disappointing for the worth, and it kind of lets it down as a package. Also concerning is the lack of any levelling feet and that we can’t help but feel that they’ve tried too hard on the aesthetic with this table and neglected a number of the items that matter tons in an outside foosball table. It’s an excellent looking table and therefore the materials are all fine. It’s just lacking a couple of features we’d expect for a table that’s otherwise of great quality. 


  1. Nice to seem at
  2. Telescopic rods
  3. Great weight
  4. Rust and weatherproof 


  1. Lack of a canopy 
  2. No levelling feet

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Garlando outdoors (Best Folding Foosball Table)

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5. Garlando outdoors (Best Folding Foosball Table)

Ok, so this folding foosball table is formed of plastic, which can little question put some people off – but the development is reinforced with fibreglass, so it’s not as bad because it first sounds. one of the biggest problems with this table is the weight. It’s down at 132 pounds and with more active gameplay, that just isn’t getting to be ideal. It also has folding legs – which are available very handy for a few people when combined with the relatively low weight. It’ll even be a priority, though, for more advanced and harder core players because it reduces overall stability somewhat. This table does have telescopic rods, which may be a great feature to possess. 

Although not your classic looking foosball table, it does have a pleasant aesthetic happening and it’s modern in appearance if that’s more your thing than obsessive gameplay is. The plastic construction will endure just fine outdoors, so that’s not a problem, and therefore the chrome-work here is all rustproof, so there are not any concerns in the least from the weather. 

However, no cover is included with this table, which is disappointing. The most important drawback here may be a complete lack of any levelling system, which isn’t ideal and can make balancing this table a true problem for many enthusiasts. beat all, this is often a table that’s probably geared towards somebody that isn’t too fussed about golf and is ready to bring this table inside when things get tougher outside.


  1. Pretty mobile 
  2. Telescopic rods 
  3. Rustproof and plastic 


  1. No cover 
  2. No levelling feet 
  3. Doesn’t have much sound weight

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Outdoor Foosball Table

Final Verdict

Overall, these tables are all excellent. The play on the Top Five Outdoor Foosball Tables is so close that you simply can’t make a foul choice. These tables are a bit expensive but they’re worth keeping for a Foosball enthusiast. It is also much easier to manoeuvre around then any of the others if that’s the priority for you. Remember with these outdoor tables they’re a bit like a ship. They need some TLC to stay playing well. Most of those foosball tables are weatherproof but eventually, they have a bit extra care.

Well, let’s wrap it up here. Happy Playing.

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