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best mini foosball tables

Best Mini Foosball Table Reviews 2021: If you’re looking for something fun and entertaining which you can purchase, Mini Foosball Tables are the best options available in the market. These small foosball tables which are miniature versions of the classic arcade game and are less than half the price will keep you playing endlessly. As these compact tables can be placed anywhere and used, they are suitable for sleepovers, outdoor BBQ’s, kitchen table or any other flat surface.

The game, in general, is one of the most simple and plausible games ever created. There are two players going face-to-face, the motive is to score a goal by using the foosball men mounted on rods, to manoeuvre the ball towards the goal. Just playing the game is bound to give you an adrenaline rush and make your evening quite happening.

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However, many people don’t buy foosball tables as they consider them to be expensive or they don’t have enough space in their house to fit such a big table. For such cases, we would recommend that you opt for Mini foosball tables or small foosball tables. If you aren’t aware of playing foosball rules you might be interested in reading our Foosball game rules guide here.

But obviously, you are looking for the best foosball mini tables. So, to help you out and reduce your efforts we have come up with this list of the Top 5 Small Foosball Tables.

Sport Squad FX40 Foosball Table

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1. Sport Squad FX40 Foosball Table – Best Pick by Editor

As the name suggests this small foosball table has a sporty appearance and is about 40-inches in length. This foosball mini table is constructed using high-quality materials making it durable and lightweight. There are small-sized legs present on the bottom of the table to make sure that it can be mounted right.

The playfield is made up of laminated PVC and is green in colour to give you’re the best experience. This mini foosball table is crafted to perfection and is quite suitable for its purpose. This is a foosball table for kids, beginners, and people who just want to play for fun; not on a competitive basis.

The goals are attached in the outward direction, so ball retrieval is easy and a net is added to the goals to prevent the balls from falling off. On this small foosball table, the players are mounted on stainless steel rods, which ensure swift and clean shots.

Harvii small foosball table

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2. Harvil 38-Inch Small Foosball Table

With stainless steel rods and no-slip handles, this mini foosball table is one of the best-selling foosball tables for homes. With a wooden and plastic-based design that gives it a modern touch, the Harvil 38-inch small foosball table is certainly worth its price.

The corners of this table are secured by hard plastic covering in order to maintain the durability of the table. The rest of the table is covered by water-resistant screen printed graphics that give this table the required sporty look. The ball retrieval system is placed as the goals for the table, which has a dragging-scorer on top of it. All of this adds on to the modern design the table has to portray.

There are 3 rods per side, as in each player will be able to use only three rods. These silver stainless steel rods, which have a no-slip plastic grip attached to it on one end. The slots in which these rods are inserted have deluxe ball bearings so you can make really swift shots with precision.

This mini foosball table can be set-up according to a 2 goalie system or 3 goalie system. Making it a good choice for beginners and people that just want to gain some interest.

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Mainstreet Classics 36-Inch Foosball Table

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3. Mainstreet Classics 36-Inch Foosball Table

Instead of having a big foosball table hoard up space in your house, you can just opt for the Mainstreet Classics 36-inch small foosball table. This table will give you the same amount of fun at a reduced cost and taking up less space.

MainStreet small foosball tableThis table has two rectangular legs to support it and thus it can be placed on any flat surface. It is easily portable, lightweight and durable with the table being reinforced at the right places.

Due to it being a small foosball table it ensures condensed fun. Meaning with a smaller playing field the shots will be quite swift and the game will be over quickly. The rods on which the players are mounted is made up of steel and has no-slip gips at the holding end.

The goals on both the sides act as a ball retrieval system and have a sliding-scorer present on top of them. This is one of the best foosball tables for kids and beginners.

Kick Square 33-inch Compact Mini Foosball Table

4. Kick Square 33-inch Compact Mini Foosball Table

Like the Sport Squad FX40, this mini foosball table also possesses the same design but is quite small (7-inches small to be precise). This table has the same design of being mounted on 4-legs that can be placed on any flat surface.

With a graphic design covering the whole table, this is one of the best foosball tables for kids. To top it all off, this table has a guaranteed quality assurance as it is made by KICK brand. This is the mini foosball table one should get, if they want something entertaining and won’t take up much space.

The players are mounted on steel rods, which have ergonomic grips at the end so a player can make their shots with ease. The feet of these players don’t have around design, which is a good thing as then the ball will stay in control. The goals are directed outwards with nets on their backs to prevent the balls from falling off. These goals act as a ball retrieval system and have a sliding scorer mounted on top of them.

This foosball table for kids comes with a 1-man and 3-man goalie combination. So, players can set them up accordingly.

Giantex 27-inch Small Foosball Table

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5. Giantex 27-inch Small Foosball Table

This is the smallest of all the tables listed here, it is literally a mini foosball table. This 27-inch compact and durable table has a classy design. The table is wrapped up in a wooden-texture based covering, with the edges highlighted with a dark colour.

This small foosball table is easily portable and can be set up on a coffee table, kitchen counter, on a lawn or anyplace that has a flat surface. This small foosball table is made up of sturdy plywood. Its construction makes this mini foosball table durable and resistant to basic wear & tear. It is mounted on top of 4 legs so that the table can be easily levelled and remain stable while playing.

The rods on which the players are mounted are made up of stainless steel and have basic plastic grips at their ends. There are three rows of 3-goalies per team or in other words, 3 rods can be used per team to play.

The ball retrieval system of this mini foosball table is located at both ends of the table, which also acts as a goal. To keep score there is a scorer attached to the table on the top, at both sides.

This table is quite small and not at all suitable for professional gameplay. The Giantex 27-inch small foosball table is the best option if you’re looking for a foosball table for kids.

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