How to Become a Professional Foosball Player | Tips & Strategies

How to Become a Professional Foosball Player

Foosball features a unique dignity. Many consider it to be simply a tabletop game which will be played by anyone and is straightforward enough to not qualify as a sport, but there’s another segment of the general public that considers foosball to be a sport in every sense and that they are serious about it in ways quite one. Every foosball enthusiast may have considered the thought of becoming knowledgeable foosball players a minimum of once. However, given the controversial nature of the game, it continues to stay a lively topic of debate regarding whether it’s a sport or simply a game.

As a widely popular game, Foosball has its unique standing and credibility. Although some people consider it as an easy game, some others who have gotten the fun out of it know the seriousness and challenges of the sport to play sort of like a champ!!

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Despite having some debates over the popularity of foosball as a sport or simple game, the strong presence of International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF) for organizing competitive tournaments sweeps away all the confusions about it. Mastering the game requires deep-down dedication and tireless training. You are browsing this text means you’ve got a robust desire to grow sort of a great foosball player someday. confine mind that a professional can play, teach, eat, think, and sleep foosball. If you would like to master the talents for becoming a top-notch performer in foosball, you’ve got to travel through a challenging and long journey. 

In this article, We shall present an in-depth instruction and step-by-step guideline on how you’ll become a Professional Foosball Player.

First and foremost thing an enthusiast needs to do is practice. They say practice makes a man perfect, well that’s true in this case as well. To be a pro in Foosball one needs to master it and that can only be possible when one practices it with a lot of determinants and consistency.

For practicing continuously, you’ll require some basic items like:

  1. Foosball Table
  2. Foosball Rods
  3. Ball
  4. Player Figures
  5. Cleaning Supplies

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How to Become a Professional Foosball Player

Step-by-Step Guideline to Become a Professional Level Foosball Player

  1. Know your motivation and believing self 

Why do you want to become a pro-level foosball player? What qualities do attract you? Is it money, popularity, or respect? So, before starting the journey, ask yourself first the mentioned questions. If you have the right answers in mind, you are quite set to move forward. However, when you will love foosball and maintain your eagerness, consistency, and discipline for the game, you will find yourself as a pro shortly.

Besides, like all other events of life to become successful, you have to believe in your ability. Don’t get indulged for the success or failure in the journey. Overjoying in case of victory and depression in case of failure will not help you grow as a champ foosball player. 

You should consciously learn from every situation and apply those on the board. Stickiness to the set objectives by believing self will catapult you to the road of being.

  1. Realistic Expectation is Where you need to move

After setting the motivation to carry on your enthusiasm for becoming a professional foosball player, you must set the expectation level as low as possible. Since expectation is the major driving force of any venture, breaking up of the same may create unbearable pain leading to frustration and distraction from the game. 

Thus, experts always suggest setting the expectation realistically. You can’t become a successful foosball player if you want to earn money and fame overnight. You need to think logically and practically to make realistic expectations. 

Don’t get baffled with the income level of pro-level players, hours of the day they practice, and short-cut ways to achieve game mastery. Rather, take a deep breath, focus on your abilities, and practice without forgetting the reality. 

  1. Organized Planning

You surely know that being professional in any area of life requires facing so much pain and difficulties. When you will go through a tough, new, or unknown process, your learning will be matured to give the right shape of performance. 

For facing the challenges, you must have an organized planning. Since you have set realistic goals, your strategic planning should follow that. At this stage, you would realize which ways will lead you to grow as a great foosball player.

If you are a student, find your way to adjust the time for practice. Make a back-up planning that will help you out if at any point of time becoming a professional or competitive foosball seems not brighter to you.

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  1. Learn the rules by heart

International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF) is the authority that formulates all the rules necessary for conducting competitive foosball games. So, if you want to see yourself as a professional player, you must have a complete understanding of the rules as if they are back of your hands. 

Unlike casual matches, international foosball tournaments strictly monitor and disavow the issues like shaking/jarring the table and spinning the rods. You must collect all the handbooks of ITSF and familiarize yourself with various terms and jargons of the game by reading them out. 

Make it sure that you know and understand the significance of different parts of the table and other related equipment. Gradually, you will understand the entire sport. Also, learn the different styles and variations of the game. Some of the styles may be permitted in some games while some others wouldn’t. 

The chance of winning the game will increase when you are well-versed with the rules of foosball. One very important way to test your understanding is watching the casual games played by your friends and detecting the break of a rule. You can enhance your memory and knowledge on the rules by discussing with those who are already working hard to uplift their foosball skill levels.

  1. Practice persistently with a mentor 

A mentor is a guide who helps mastering the skills necessary to become a professional player. As a beginner, you can make mistakes like holding the rods wrongly or spinning the rod. It is very natural to make mistakes when someone learns new tactics. 

The mentor can quickly identify your weaknesses and find out the ways to overcome those willingly & happily. You shouldn’t get disheartened if your mentor sometimes becomes dissatisfied with your performance. It is an opportunity for you to try hard.

Like other games, practice is a vital part for becoming an expert in foosball. You must practice doggedly if you have the vision to make your dream true!! Find a like-minded mentor with whom practicing foosball will be fun and worthy to enhance your skill sets.

  1. Discover new shots and be master on one particular classified shot 

For becoming a foosball pro, you have to create the image of an upcoming superstar. One of the significant ways to make such an image is discovering various new shots and applying those while playing. 

Surprising the opponent with a new style of shots will increase your chance of winning the game. Try to make new dimensions in push/pull kick shot, snake shot, bank shot, spray shot, aerial shot, tic-tac shot, and dead man shot.

Learn to get mastery on one particular shot which would be your trademark. For example, Tony Spredeman is a master in snake shot and he dictates over the opponents in many foosball tournaments.

  1. Keep the mind and body sharp 

Like many other games, foosball also demands sound fitness of the participants who dream to become great one day!! you’ll know the ins and outs of the sport, quite a professional. But if you don’t have the specified physical sharpness and fitness, it’s highly likely to lose the sport even against the weakest opponent. 

Hand-eye coordination is the key thing in foosball games for keeping a player before many others. Therefore, you would like to possess a focused mind to assist in making the sync. Have a robust mind to not get depressed if you fail within the game. Keep yourself aware of realizing the mistakes and learn for betterment.

  1. Be watchful to competitive games

So far, you’ve achieved an honest command over foosball. But before getting into the ring, watch the competitive games regularly. it’ll confirm to stay the proper mindset. you’ll understand how the professional players act and respond during a particular game situation. Furthermore, it’s an honest chance to understand how a professional changes his strategies & game plan over time counting on the standing of his opponents. Take all the small print of the sport and prepare yourself for the battlefield!! 

  1. Replenish the techniques

After you achieve the talents needed to play within the foosball tournaments, it’s imperative to update your tactics and techniques to sharpen the saw. Be mindful to spot your mistakes and work consciously for rectifying an equivalent as soon as possible. Don’t hesitate to ask the experts about your development and work on their feedback. 

Keep in mind the very fact that the simplest foosball players are best not due to their years of experience alone. They spend every day attuning and replenishing their techniques and methods.

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  1. Face the real-life games with worthy opponents 

Now, you’ve gained all the talents . You practice those regularly for enriching your abilities. At this level, you’ve got the arrogance to point out the performance against the strong contenders within the tournaments. The more you compete against worthy opponents, the more refined your skills are going to be.

Foosball Player

Strategies for being a Pro in Foosball Game

We believe preparing for each eventuality during this strange, unpredictable life – so in anticipation of the good foosball craze which will inevitably sweep the island as a kind of moderately anarchic reaction to iPhones and social media, we’ve prepared an inventory of surefire ways to enhance your Foosball Game.

Also here are some more techniques to beat anyone in a Foosball Match :

  • Do not spin!

According to us Table Soccer Association rules, spinning is defined as “the rotation of any soccer figure quite 360 degrees before or after striking the ball.”

Not only is spinning illegal, it’s also seriously detrimental to your attempts to enhance your foosball game. It’s a standard fallacy among novice and casual foosball players that spinning may be a great way to disrupt an opponent’s rhythm in midfield which , with reference to shooting, it’s the simplest thanks to achieve maximum power out of an attempt . On the converse, spinning causes you to lose control of your players and turns your shot or pass into a lottery effort. Many a goal has been scored thanks to an errant ‘spin’ that has resulted within the ball shooting backwards, past the helpless and unsuspecting keeper.

  • Learn the art of the ‘sideways shunt’

When a defender is true ahead of your striker, what does one do? an equivalent applies to your plan to play the ball out from the rear when being blocked by an opponent’s forward. You as an average foosball player react to the present situation with panic, frustration or desperation and easily hack the ball forward (leading to a potentially devastating rebound off an opponent) or take the risky ploy of the backpass. But gain the power to easily tap the ball sideways to the player beside you and you’ve got an opponent immediately wrong-footed (or a minimum of as wrong-footed as they will be when stuck to a hard and fast point on a bar).

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  • Use your goalkeeper properly!

This can be a troublesome task, undoubtedly. you’re often tasked with managing a goalkeeper together with your weak hand, and with sharp reflexes and short reaction times required this will be the downfall of many a player. But if utilised to the complete and proper extent the goalkeeper can, like in ‘real life’ football, be a strength instead of a weakness – and even the source of the odd freak long-range ‘pot shot’ goal. Mastering the art of controlling your goalkeeper with one hand while simultaneously managing the ball outfield together with your other hand (so on be prepared for any sudden rebound or strike) is vital if you would like to succeed in the highest .

  • Be prepared to affect hostile elements

Most folks never make it to the highest . That is the sad and cruel reality of foosball. As a result most folks spend our time playing foosball during a domestic setting. Which, of course, exposes the table to all or any sorts of malevolent elements. Siblings and pets, for instance . So as pristine as your own table could also be , aren’t getting too comfortable. it isn’t with the simplest of resources that you simply are going to be judged. It’s when every other handle is missing, the ‘foosball’ itself may be a chewed-up bouncy ball (the real one and therefore the two spares all having been eaten by the dog/younger brother/crazy aunt) and there is an enormous slant on the table, that your abilities will truly be tested. 

  • Master the ‘Dummy’

Similar to a real-life dummy, only requiring much more technique and poise. Make as if to shoot, making an equivalent powerful movement together with your wrists, but stop short at the last second, perform a fast ‘sideways shunt’ to your strike partner and slot the ball into the internet . bound to pick at least one goal out of the bag at an important stage of the sport.

  • Teach a younger, smaller sibling/neighbour/friend/randomer the way to play (for doubles games)

“Ah g’wan, giz an advantage” may be a common cry at family reunions, youth clubs or gatherings where older kids get lumped in with younger ones. Often an older kid (normally they need to be a minimum of eighteen, mind) will succumb to the pleadings and, totally certain in their own ability to form a comeback, will allow such a plus to tend (say, 2-0 or 3-0). This arrogance must be exposed. Claim that your partner has never played before, bow right down to your opponents’ superior talent (this is vital , draw them in with flattery), obtain a plus – then , having trained your young partner keenly within the dark arts of the sport , ruthlessly cash in on their foolhardiness.

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Foosball Player guide

Final Verdict

As a newbie or a mean player, you may have the courage to dream of becoming an Professional Foosball Player once you have an in depth guideline in hand. However, despite following the rules , your dream might not come true unless you’ve got the mental setup that “becoming a Foosball Pro may be a journey, not a destination”!! . All you would like is practice because as said before “Practice makes a person perfect”. So keep Practicing and Happy Playing.

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