Best Harvard Foosball Tables Review – Buyer’s Guide

best harvard foosball tables

Harvard foosball tables are inclined towards the imperial side in comparison to other foosball tables. These foosball tables have the best ratio maintained between budget and quality. The durability of Harvard foosball tables models is assured as the high-end material used proves to be quite sturdy therefore easily avoiding wear and tear.

And given how foosball tables have achieved a whole new level of class, making people want them more. Many prefer to have these foosball tables only for decent gameplay and to give a nice look to their living rooms or game rooms. In such cases, buying professional foosball tables might turn out to be a waste. This is where you come to Harvard games table models, which are classy and affordable.

To bring to your notice and help you out we have prepared a list of Harvard foosball table reviews.

Harvard Midfielder foosball table

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1. Harvard G01888W Mid Fielder Soccer Table

This is one of those Harvard foosball table models which have a classic touch to them. With a wooden-texture based, design this table is mounted on top of 4 black strong square legs. To give it a bit of a nice look and to maintain proper balance, chrome coated rods are placed in between the legs of this Harvard foosball table.

Now if you were to pay attention to the playing field, it isn’t green like in one of those conventional foosball tables. This table has a laminated PVC playing field, in a similar wooden texture and colour of that of its outer body. To ensure fair gameplay and accuracy, this Harvard foosball table has an abacus-style scoring system present on both sides.

The rods which host the foosball men are stain-less steel rods, with ball bearings inserted to ensure smooth and swift gameplay. These rods also have octagonal wooden handles at their ends so that a player can acquire a proper grip, even if their hands get sweaty. This foosball table comes with inbuilt cup-holders and an inward ball retrieval slot for fast gameplay.

This Harvard foosball soccer table is not the one for professional play but rather for having a fun time. The best part is that like many Harvard foosball table models this table has a 1-goalie and 3-goalie setting. Which can be changed according to a player’s preference. The assembling of this Harvard game table is quite simple and will only take up to a few hours.

harvard deca foosball table

2. Harvard Black Deca Foosball Table

An all-black Harvard foosball table with a sharp look, this game table can be placed anywhere in your home and it is bound to look amazing. With the playfield mounted on strong yet slim legs and a sliver trim all over it, this Harvard foosball table model is one of the best tablets you can get your hands on. The foosball field has an evenly distributed surface so that the ball can roll easily, even if it gets stuck in dead spots.

The slim MDF legs come intact with leg levers of 5-16inches making the whole set up adjustable according to the player’s height. The ball retrieval slots are present on both sides for easy access to the ball. The players are arranged in a format of 3-2-5-3, these players are counterbalanced to ensure fair gameplay.

The playing field is also black and has foosball men mounted on 5-8 inch hollow steel rods. As these rods are lightweight a have ball-bearings installed in their cross-sections, players can get easy and swift shots. This Harvard foosball soccer table has rods with octagonal handles for proper grip and movement.

To keep score there is a block scoring system present on both sides. This is one of the best Harvard foosball tables an individual can get their hands on, as it can fit anywhere in your house, look good and be a source of entertainment. The assembling of this Harvard game table can take up to 3 good hours.

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Harvard G01341W Rematch foostable

3. Harvard G01341W Rematch Soccer Table – Best Pick

Weighing close to 77 pounds this Harvard foosball table model can be moved around easily and won’t take up much space, in comparison to conventional foosball tables. The design comprises of strong tapered legs which ensure stability and proper balance. With a touch of white on the top of this Harvard foosball table model and near the ball retrieval slot, the whole table can be considered to have an elegant design.

The whole black and white touch provided to this Harvard game table just gives it a design which you can pair up with anything in your house and make it look classy.

The outer walls and field are laminated with the same black material. The playing field has a levelled surface so that the ball can roll easily, even if it gets stuck in unreachable spots. The robotic foosball men have a bulky design hence covering a greater portion of the field. This makes it easy to manoeuvre the whole game with accuracy.

Speaking of accuracy, this Harvard foosball soccer table has slender stainless-steel rods and proper grip at the end. This is one of those table’s that is great for kids or beginners. However, it should be noted that the table isn’t made up of very high-end materials, but rather moderately-okay material is used in its building up. The assembling of this table can take up to 2-3 hours at max.

Harvard G01808W Goal Getter Soccer Table

4. Harvard G01808W Goal Getter Soccer Table

With a light wooden texture-based design covering the whole body of this Harvard foosball table, it has a universal design making it easy to pair up with any furniture and giving your house an overall captivating appearance. The colour combination of the light wooden texture and black rods just gives you a good vibe, making you want to play.

The legs are tailored quite differently, with a shape representing the half of a hexagon. This Harvard foosball table model has guaranteed stability along with firmness. These atheistic legs come with leg levers that are adjustable to a few inches.

To top it all of the playing fields of this Harvard foosball soccer table has is a green laminated PVC. Thus, adding on to that classy look and making you hooked to the game. The table comes attached with manual scorers on both sides. The rods are basic steel rods with not much up-gradation to make the whole gameplay swift, but rather to make the table look nice and support a decent game.

The robot figured foosball men are a treat for kids and beginners. It should be noted that this Harvard foosball table is not for professional gaming but rather for kids and beginners. The table comes with 2-types of foosballs, so you can choose according to your will. At 90 pounds, the assembly of this table can take up to at least 2-3 hours at max.

HARVARD 4 Foot Foosball Table

5. HARVARD 4-Foot Foosball Table

This Harvard foosball table model is about 4-ft and opens up like one of those folding dinner tables. It is small yet efficient, making it one of the best Harvard foosball tables for kids and beginners. The body is made up of vivid pictures in white, red and black giving it that informal look.

The legs, on the other hand, open up to as one of those picnic sets, adding on to that informal look. There are only two legs, one on each side but with the width of almost the whole table. The playfield is white and has properly marked lines and goals, somewhat similar to that of an ice-hockey field. The field is properly levelled making the ball roll with utter smoothness, and preventing it from getting stuck in dead spots.

The foosball men are modelled like proper players, making kids want to play it even more. Even after being only 4-ft this Harvard foosball table has sleek rods which mount the foosball players. However, irrespective of the size of this table is strong and firm. It can easily handle heavy-duty without any hassle.

The noticeable feature is the collection box or ball return box. The simplicity of the design makes the assembly of the table quite easy and making the assembly time go down to 1.5-2 hours max.

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There are numerous foosball tables available at a varying price range. However, it all depends on your budget and need as to what you choose. It can be so that you require a nice decent table but would prefer cheaper rates. And it is more practical to avoid buying high price Harvard foosball tables or tables in general if you don’t play on the professional level. Don’t buy huge foosball tables if you might have to encroach some space within your house, it will be of no use.

For such needs and to give you an idea we formulated this list of Harvard foosball table reviews. So be clear with your choice, take your time and decide what type of Harvard game table or foosball table you are willing to keep in your house.

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