Best Foosball Table Brands 2021 | Manufacturers Review

Best Foosball Table Brands | Manufacturers Review

Best Foosball Table Brands to look on: You’ve seen groups of individuals around these tables, maybe during a sports bar, an arcade, or a recreation room. Team members line each side of the table, intently flicking their wrists to regulate the rods, determined they’re going to score a goal by sending the tiny ball straight into their opponent’s net. Laughter spills from the competitors, and friendly jargon is exchanged as they play. Indeed, Foosball Table Brands provide hours of entertainment for almost anyone with a competitive streak.

Originating in 1921 with Harold Searles Thornton from the united kingdom, foosball, also referred to as table soccer, maybe a game that’s supported both football and soccer. It’s played on a foosball table by two to four players typically, but the larger tables can accommodate two teams of 4. There are some professional foosball players, player’s associations, and a number of fast-growing foosball competitions. The International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF) holds a World Championship per annum.

A good foosball table can make an excellent addition to any sports bar, arcade, youth club, or home. When you’re buying foosball tables, you ought to understand the various sorts of tables available and therefore the various factors to think about and what sort of table you ought to buy supported skill level.

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Best Foosball Table Brands 2020


  • Tornado Foosball Table

You won’t find many that will dispute that Tornado has the simplest line of tables. They’re used at professional tournaments all around the world. Tornado originated in 1970, in order that they have stood the test of your time. If you read enough customer reviews, you’ll notice a trend. That is, if you actually need a top-quality foosball table, get a Tornado. I recall reading a customer review that was dissatisfied with the table they bought. They went on to mention that they ought to have just bought a Tornado. you merely can’t fail to buy one.

They have six tables to settle on from, all priced between $1000-$2000. you’ll argue that everyone is the best table out there at their respective price. The best of the simplest is their T-3000 model, which has almost everything you invite. What I actually like about their tables is that the 3/4″ playfield. I even have seen a few other brands match this thickness. I even have seen some as thin as 3/16″ – such a surface is sure to warp and break down sooner instead of later.

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Tornado T-3000 Tournament Foosball Table

Tornado T-3000 Tournament Foosball Table

The Tornado T-3000 is for everyone who has a keen interest in Foosball but is primarily built for intermediate and professional level players. it is also for anyone who wants to take a position during a top-of-the-line table which will last a lifetime, and for anyone who has $2,000 to spend on a table. It’s nearly as good of a table as you’ll probably find on the market.

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  • Kick Foosball Table

KICK is one of the newer foosball companies which quickly gained respect from their customers for offering quality products at affordable prices. Those aren’t just palavers as they’re one among few companies on the market which supply a lifetime warranty on all their tables. Their best tables choose but $600 and for that price you get a top-quality table with leg levelers, counterbalanced men, 1 or 3 goalie setup, front ball return, 6 footballs, and excellent customer support which can assist you with any issues you would possibly face and confirm you’re completely satisfied together with your purchase.

Unless you are a competitive player who needs a tournament level table any of their 55″ tables will surely do the work.

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KICK 55inch Topaz Foosball Table

KICK Topaz Foosball Table

The minimalistic design of the counterbalanced foosball men brings more specialize in the foosball ball, allowing the players to simply track its location. The counterbalanced feature also aids the sport when playing one-on-one, since the foosball men balance themselves horizontally once you aren’t holding the grip.

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  • Garlando Foosball Table

Garlando is an Italian company that has been around for quite 60 years manufacturing ping-pong tables, pool tables, air hockey tables, and in fact foosball tables. a number of their foosball tables are very unique in design, but others are more traditional, giving the customer a good range of choices. The G-500 especially has an inside and outdoor version that’s built to handle the weather.

You can see the ECU flavor in their tables, but they are making ones that are geared towards an American sort of play. Garlando has received awards for safety, which is clear with their telescopic rods that prevent players from being poked. they do not have the heaviest tables, but the standard is top-notch. They have coin-operated tables for commercial use but have a huge line of residential tables. The G-5000 is their most expensive non-coin operated table. It features an extremely durable 1-1/2″ thick plywood cabinet and 2/3″ diameter steel telescopic safety bars as well.

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Garlando 59inch G-5000 Wenge Foosball Table

Garlando G-5000 Wenge Foosball Table

The Garlando G-5000 Wenge is formed for beginners and professionals, children and adults alike. But anyone who wants to counterbalanced players might not appreciate the remainder of this table. This is very true for those that like to play a singles game or those that don’t sort of a slower, more technical sort of play.

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  • Shelti Foosball Table

They haven’t been around as long as Tornado but could be one among their biggest competitors long-term. Shelti may be a brand under the corporate Gold Standard Games, which has been within the business of manufacturing arcade games for over 65 years. Shelti was back bought in 2010 by a man named Mark Robbins. He’s well-known for his add the Dynamo Company that produces the Tornado tables. You’ll tell that Robbins values quality and supports what he has produced thus far.

Shelti’s top-of-the-line table is the Pro Foos III, weighing in at a strong 375 pounds. Their professional series tables are as nice as any you’ll find on the market outside of Tornado. They’re attractive, made with top quality, and have features that experienced player’s value.

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Best Foosball Table Brands 2020

Shelti Pro Foos III Foosball Table

The Shelti Pro Foos III is for the more serious foosball players which will really cash in on all that this table offers. The table’s robust construction also makes it an ideal choice to be used in high traffic areas like bars or community centers.

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Atomic foosball tables are a number of the most recent on the block, although they have already caused quite a stir with the standard of product and new features that they boast. Atomic is a part of Escalade Sports, a corporation that has been around for around eighty years now and has produced all manner of sports equipment, including pool, fitness equipment, and air hockey.

Featured Table

Best Foosball Table Brands 2020

Atomic Gladiator Foosball Table

The Gladiator is made for teenagers, adults, beginners, and intermediate players who don’t mind not having counterbalanced men. It is a solid table that will withstand vigorous play. The rods as well as the surface create a fast play that professional players will enjoy. After purchasing a Foosball table we need to take extra care of those tables because we simply can’t afford to ruin it and purchase a new one unless there’s a lot of money in one’s pocket.

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Bottom Line:

A lot of foosball table brands suitable for home setup have flooded the market. Having a foosball game outside our homes limits time and quarter wastage when one goes to the pubs and clubs. 

Buying absolutely the best brands within the market is often a very recommendable move as you will be saving your money and time. High-quality tables will have quality features, steady physical design, and pleasant decorations that go well with the play environment. Any brand reviewed in this article can be recommended for purchasing. All of the mentioned brands have always come up to the mark where quality and cost matters. 

These are amongst the simplest rated foosball tables. Undoubtedly, there’s a sort of foldable foosball table for each person and for each family, so just choose it and keep playing.

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