Best Foosball Balls Review 2021: Foosball Replacement Balls

best foosball balls review

Best Foosball Balls Reviews 2021: Well, there are plenty of high-quality Foosball balls available in the market. Whether you want to improve the quality of play or just want to replace your Foosball balls. There are lots of varieties available in the market. In the United States, textured foosballs are the first choice for most of the players due to its fastness as compare to cork which is slower but offers better control over the game.

Best Foosball Balls in The Market:

  • Huji Soccer foosballs
  • Tornado Dynamo Shelti Foosball
  • Tornado Foosball
  • Warrior Table Soccer Red Foosball

There are many foosball table balls out there, of different textures and different sizes. You need to know this as it affects your gameplay later on.d

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4 Types of Football Balls, One should know!

In general, choosing a foosball ball is important to get the best of your game. One should stay away from the balls made of plastic/slick just giving shiny look. There are lots of variety when it comes to foosball ball material. There are mainly four types of foosball balls:

Type of Foosball ball Preview

Traditional Soccer Ball

traditional soccer foosball

Smooth Foosball

smooth foosball balls

Cork Foosball

cork foosball ball reviews

Textured Foosball

textured foosball ball

Here we came up with the best foosball ball reviews and guide for you. So, you can choose the right foosball according to your needs.

In this article, we will talk in detail about all these major types and their impact on the game.

Next, we will be looking at traditional foosball balls.

Traditional Soccer Foosball Balls – Often aren’t the Best!

traditional foosball balls

These balls have a look that mimics real soccer balls, as there is the only color. While these balls are not designed for any particular purpose, the only thing about the foosballs is that they are simply designed that way. When you want to get a Foosball table at a lower cost where the table has a different top and markers, you will obtain the foosball that comes along with it in soccer ball designs.

These traditional soccer balls have plastic parts as well as black parts in them and generally aren’t the best for your gameplay. You might get these kinds of balls are easily available at the nearest toy store, at low cost with poor capabilities of foosball gameplay. However, the downsides of these soccer balls are that they make super noise when played. Yet, each soccer ball is determined by the tabletop they come with. Here we have our best picks for traditional soccer foosball balls for you:

Regent-Halex Replacement Foosballs (Pack...
  • Pack of 4 Table Soccer Balls
  • Designed for Home Soccer Tables
  • Regulation Size
  • Durable Plastic for Heavy Use
HUJI Foosballs Game/Table Soccer Balls-...
  • Keep the fun going with these high quality Regulation Foosballs designed for home table soccer....
  • Compatible with Most Foosball Tables.
  • Durable Plastic for Heavy Use.
  • HOURS OF FUN : Enjoy Table Soccer Games without worrying about losing Foosball !
  • Each ball weighs 22grams/ .8oz. Each ball has a diameter of 1.41in/ 35.74mm.
Colonel Pickles Novelties Foosball Table...
  • 14 BALL ACCESSORY SET - More Balls Equals More Non-Stop Play - Keep The Fun Going With Two More...
  • PREMIUM DESIGN - Durable High Quality Plastic For Continued Use - Superior To Low-Grade Foam Balls -...
  • AUTHENTIC BLACK & WHITE PATTERN - Intentioned Construction Provides The Perfect Touch Of Resistance...
  • BEST SIZE FOR MOST SINGLE & MULTI GAME FOOSBALL TABLES - This 14 Pack Set Contains Foosballs...
  • 100% SATISFACTION MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - No Conditions - Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed.
Table Soccer Foosballs Replacements Mini...
  • Keep the fun table games going with these replacement durable bright foosballs! A must for leisure...
  • Have these essential soccer ball birthday party supplies ready for your next special event. Makes...
  • Pair these fun sports balls with other novelty toys, DIY art projects, crafts toy accessories, and...
  • High quality and durable mini table soccer balls, this set of balls is just what the foosball...
  • Foosball measurements in diameter: 36mm (1.4"). Comes in a package of 12 foosball replacements. Each...
OuMuaMua Foosball Table Balls 1.42 inch...
  • FUNCTION: This is not a toy for a child just to play around. These are specially for a soccer...
  • SOCCER BALL PATTERN AND 9 COLORS: Cute foosball balls and nice 9 colors in a pack including...
  • PROPER WEIGHT AND SIZE: Each tabletop foosball weighs 0.85oz and measures 1.42 inch diameter, fits...
  • STURDY AND ENERGETIC BALLS FOR YEARS OF PLAY: These foosball balls are made of ABS plastics...
  • GUARANTEED: Return for refund in 30 days if you're not satisfied with our foosballs

Apart from traditional foosball balls, we have smooth foosball balls, cork foosball balls and textured foosball balls.

Smooth Foosball Balls

best smooth foosball

This ball is similar to traditional foosball balls, but they do not have a soccer ball design on them, you won’t see inset lines on smooth foosball balls. However, the problem is they bring out as much noise as the regular foosball balls. These smooth balls do not have much traction, where you cant use skill to play the game, meaning that it all boils down to luck. One of the best examples of the smooth foosball balls is the Fat Cat Foosball Ball.

Here we have some of the top smooth foosballs for you:

  • Fat Cat – Best Smooth Foosball balls – Buy Here
  • Warrior Table Soccer Official Tournament Pro – Check Here
  • Warrior Table Soccer Foosball Table Replacement Foosballs – Check here
  • Colonel Pickles Novelties Tournament Foosball Balls – Check here
  • OuMuaMua Table Soccer Foosball Replacements Balls – Check here

Cork Foosball Balls

cork foosball balls review

This ball is European, and it suits people that want a game that can be strategically played with the right system. However, Cork Foosball balls have excellent traction, which means that if you decide to show off your skill, it is time to show off!

It has a tack finish, preventing the ball from flying in the wrong direction after each shot you make. Cork has softer materials compared to other foosballs, so you can play while stopping, pinning, and passing the foosball effortlessly. Get ready to meet the champions in the league!

This means that the player playing can easily step up the game while letting the opponent figuring which is his next move. Making the game faster or slower can easily make you an expert in the league, and making eyes open when you score the final ball.

  Our Top Picks on Cork Balls:

  • Tornado Official Foosball Balls (Best Pick) – Buy Now
  • Foosball Table Cork Ball Replacement – Check Here
  • RAWLOGY Cork Massage Ball (Big 4″) – Check Here
  • Toyvian 6pcs Cork foosballs Table Soccer foos Balls – Check Here

These balls are from the USA, and it has a part of it that has the movement of the Cork, and it gives out controlled speed. You will either find a cork or textured foosball balls in an American home, restaurants, and offices offering foosball games.

Textured Foosball Balls

best textured foosballs

Textured foosball balls are made out of urethane material that gives the ball an excellent grip on the surface and gives you a shot at winning. These balls are a great combination of smooth and cork foosball balls. It has a rigid and dense feel, travels quickly with a good shot, provides good control over the shots and passes.

Our Top Picks on Textured Foosballs:

  • Tornado Official Textured Table Soccer Balls (Best Pick) – Buy Here
  • Brybelly 12 Pack of Red Textured Foosballs – Check Here
  • EastPoint Sports Tournament Foosballs – Check Here
  • CSG Set of 12 Replacement Red Textured Foosballs – Check Here

ITFS Approved Foosball Balls

Next, we are looking at individual plastic foosball balls and the yellow cork foosball ball. As for the ITSF range foosball, we have the Bonzini ITSF foosball ball, Roberto Sport ITSF foosball ball, Tornado ITSF foosball balls, and Garladno ITSF foosball ball.

For these foosball balls, they are attractive as they are created from a unique mix of plastic. This means that this ball is better than the conventional plastic ball. The color is not standard, however, the ball is visible on the pool table surface. It might be confusing as sometimes the ball lands on the surface with the same color as the ball.

The foosball makes less sound and they have better features. You don’t want to make too much noise making too much noise at night. This is the special thing about the Yellow Cork Foosball Ball.

Bonzini Foosball Balls

Bonzini Foosball Balls

Check Official Site

Another type of foosball is the Bonzini ITSF foosball ball. The ball is approved as a Tournament ball. This ball looks simple without anything special in it, but actually, it allows the user to maximize his playtime on the pool table. The ball is fast on the table surface, and managing it is a great gaming experience. Some people have a feeling the foosball is much better than other balls like cork balls. It also has a B letter standing for Bonzini.

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Roberto Sport ITSF foosballs

Roberto Sport ITSF foosball ball

Check Price here

The next foosball we are looking at comes from real small matches where you need the right skill to play the right game. The ball isn’t fast, and you can control it with power and precision. Another important thing is that the ball can be appropriately managed. It is not smooth, that’s why it is totally within your control — a great shot for a game that is a real deal for Roberto Sport ITSF foosball ball.

Tornado ITSF foosball

Tornado ITSF foosball

Check on Amazon    Check Price here

The next foosball is a ball under Tornado series. The ball is made out of a special material that has a large grip. The ball is made to play the big league games. Got to get the Tornado ITSF foosball ball today.

Garladno ITSF foosball

Garlando ITSF foosball

Check on Amazon    Check Price here

Next, we have a foosball ball that is approved by ITSF. Deciding to take this baby out on the pool table, you should use a Garlando table so that you can reach the full potential of the Garladno ball. This baby’s surface is rough texture to avoid it from spinning on the table without control. If you are an expert in playing foosball ball makes it a great game, with skills you will feel like you are soaring in the air. Grab a Garladno ITSF foosball ball today.

Lastly, you do not know which foosball to buy. With so many options, things might seem confusing. Therefore, we recommend you to buy a sample pack of 11 balls. This sample pack contains 11 shots, making a large variety of balls that you can pick from. You can get a feel for which ball impacts the real game. This is also super fun if you have a pool table that your teens are playing for.

Teenagers love to get a different fun experience, so deciding to play a sport that can be played indoor, you should try out this foosball pack. One real deal will make your children shouting for more. You can open your sample pack and play with all 11 types of balls immediately. The winner is the player that knocks the most balls into the pool holes.

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How long a foosball ball last?

Well, this depends on various factors like:

  • No. of hours you play daily
  • Skills of players (as good players hit balls harder which affects its lifecycle)
  • Age of the player (as in general kids lose multiple foosball balls every week :P)
  • The quality of the ball you have.

A high-quality cork foosball may last at least a month whereas a traditional ball may long last a few months. For best practices, I suggest you to always have a spare foosball ball because you never know when your current ball will get defected or lose somewhere.

Ready to start playing? Get a sample pack today!

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