Best Folding Foosball Table 2021 | Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Folding Foosball Tables

When checking out the Best foosball table, we considered a couple of different features. First, we searched for options with different uses and purposes and located a spread of tables suitable for outdoor use, also as products for teenagers and adults. a number of these tables are standard-sized while others are scaled down a touch to assist you to create the simplest use of your available space. Build quality is vital, too. Folding Foosball table up for storage can cause additional wear and tear so it’s essential that they’re well made with quality materials. Finally, we considered personal preferences like whether the rods are solid or telescoping or the players are counterbalanced or not.

Portable Foosball Tables

Choosing the Best Folding Foosball Tables

(Portable Foosball Tables) | Buying Guide

Nowadays it’s not that uncommon to arrive at a friend’s place only to get a foosball table surrounded by a fanatical pack of enthusiasts utterly absorbed by the joys of the sport. So, if you’re looking to bring a touch of that magic to your own humble abode subsequent time you throw a touch shindig, you’ll want to be confident that your table is of an honest enough standard that it doesn’t disappoint your guests. So what exactly do you have to be trying to find when shopping around for your very own foosball table?

A few important things to stay in mind are:

Materials Used

  • There are tons of substandard foosball tables on the market that lure you in with their cutthroat pricing.
  • But rather go searching a touch longer and spend a touch more to make sure you do not finish up with a table that’s cheaply made and doesn’t have enough weight thereon to permit for decent playability.
  • A lot of decent foldable tables are crafted with sturdy MDF and finished off with a top-quality PVC laminate veneer, supplying you with a pleasant-looking sturdy foosball table.
  • There also are a couple of quality heavy-duty plastic tables out there, but confirm the table isn’t too light or flimsy.
  • You also want to form sure the table comes with strong hollow steel rods that will not easily bend if play gets a touch aggressive.
  • Make sure that the playing field itself isn’t too thin which is not made up of a cloth which will warp as which will end in dead zones and kill the enjoyment of the sport.

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  • Have a glance at the features of every table you’re considering. you would like to form sure it’s score dials on either end, and a ball return that does not take too long to return after a goal is scored which the balls won’t get trapped in.
  • Whether a feature may be a must-have or not is usually right down to your own preferences. Some tables have cup holders, some offer both 1-man and 3-man goalie setups, some offer just one.
  • One feature some tables offer which will make an enormous difference in your overall experience is whether or not the players are counterbalanced or not.
  • If players are counterbalanced meaning they need equal weight within the feet and head area, which suggests if you switch the rods halfway and leave it there your player won’t return to the upright position. This is often particularly useful if you’re playing one on one, and you do not want your unattended players to dam your shots on goal.

Adjustable Legs

  • This is a crucial feature for foosball tables because it prevents the table from being unlevel and giving one side an unfair advantage.

Best Folding Foosball Tables in Market | Review

Kick Majesty 55″, Portable Foosball Tables

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1. Kick Majesty 55″

The Kick Majesty 55″ Folding Foosball Table is one among those products which will come abreast of your look for the simplest foosball table folding legs online. Indeed, this foldable table is actually one among the simplest. The players used for this table are available a robotic style, which allows you to simply control the ball. additionally, the players are counterbalanced, providing you with a more exciting and enjoyable gaming experience.

When fixing this folding table, you only got to put it against the wall. There’s no got to worry about it falling down since it’s very stable and features a safety switch. But what really impresses me the foremost with this foosball table is that it’s covered by a lifetime warranty! Thus, you’ll be sure of its excellent quality.


  1. Big in size.
  2. Covered by a lifetime warranty.
  3. Equipped with a security switch.


  1. End ball return.

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Hathaway Gladiator, Folding Foosball Table

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2. Hathaway Gladiator Folding Foosball Table

Almost every Hathaway foosball table is formed from Certified MDF and this fold-up foosball table isn’t an exception. The Certified MDF is far stronger than common particle boards or plastic which makes this table very durable.

The players are placed during a 3-man goalie configuration which makes the sport faster than with the 1-man goalie configuration. The sturdiness of the players is impressive because they’re made from ABS plastic.

High-quality rods control the players and you’ll control the rods with rubber handles. This folding foosball table may be a good quality piece of the game table, but I might love it if the table had wheels on the legs for better transportation. Hathaway may be a good quality foosball table brand and if you’re curious about learning more about Hathaway foosball table offer, inspect my Hathaway foosball table post.


  1. Foldable legs.
  2. Certified MDF.
  3. ABS plastic players.
  4. High-quality rods.
  5. Rubber handles.


  1. No wheels.

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Kick Folding Foosball Table Majesty 55, folding Foosball Tables

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3. Kick Folding Foosball Table Majesty 55

KICK Folding Foosball Table MajestyAnother folding model made by Kick foosball table band may be a Majesty table which is greater than the Monarch I even have reviewed above. This foosball table has an equivalent design because of the 3` table above, so there aren’t any surprises here. The players on this foosball table are made within the robotic style so you’ll expect an excellent ball control. Also, they’re counterbalanced and you’ll choose the 1-man or the 3-men goalie configuration because you’ll get them both with the table.

Once you set it up against the wall you don’t need to worry it’ll subside because it comes with a security turn on the foosball table foldable legs. Another thing I would like to say is that the incontrovertible fact that this table also comes with a lifetime warranty so you’ll expect an excellent quality table.

The Majesty foosball table isn’t the sole table made by Kick foosball brand and it’s not the sole model that comes with a lifetime warranty. If you would like to see the Kick foosball table offer in-depth, read my post about Kick foosball tables.


  1. Lifetime warranty
  2. Safety switch
  3. Big in size


  1. End ball return

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Best Folding Foosball Table

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4. PlayCraft Sport & Folding Leg

The Playcraft Sport Foosball table features a similar folding mechanism as that of the Kick foosball tables. If you’re done using this foldaway foosball table, you only got to place the playing field at the wall. Made with MDF, you’ll make certain that this table is more stable and sturdy than the plastic options. the general design and quality are superb and I’m certain that hobby players also will appreciate using this table for his or her game. This foosball table has ergonomic handles that are smooth on your hands. Thus, you’ll feel comfortable when twiddling with it. The steel rods also allow you to simply control the players.


  1. Cabinet made up of durable MDF material
  2. Ergonomically designed handles
  3. Foldable legs
  4. Steel rods


  1. Plastic handles
  2. A bit complicated to assemble

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Best Folding Foosball Table

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5. Garlando Master Pro

Our next pick is the Garlando Master Pro, a full-sized foosball table with folding legs that’s easy to store once you have limited space. The legs are made up of firm MDF that’s been varnished with melamine for extra durability. They’re stable and durable during gameplay and folding them for storage is good and straightforward, too. The high-stress hollow steel bars are extra thick in order that they won’t bend. They’re also coated with anti-rust chromium-plating for added protection. one of the cool things about this table is that you simply can prefer to have it equipped with telescoping safety rods.

This makes it an honest choice for households with kids because the rods don’t project from the other side during gameplay. Because the bars are fixed to the cupboard using steel roller bearings, the rods move smoothly, reducing the strain on players’ hands and wrists and improving the speed of the sport. The stylized players are moulded on to the bars in order that they won’t slide around or move from their positions. To round out your team, you’ll choose between a totally rotating or non-rotating goalkeeper. This table also features a coated green field with white markings, 10 standard balls, easy ball recovery, and cube score counters. Assembly is pretty simple, you only need to attach the legs and rods. Overall, users had only a few complaints about this table. 


  1. Easy to fold and store
  2. Can choose between telescoping or solid rods 
  3. Steel roller bearings increase the speed of the sport 
  4. Choose between fully rotating or non-rotating goalkeeper 


  1. On the pricey side

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Best Folding Foosball Table

Bottom Line:

A lot of foldable foosball table designs suitable for home setup have flooded the market, and that they are locally available to our residents. Having a foosball game outside our homes limits time and quarter wastage when one goes to the pubs and clubs. Buying the absolute best brands within the market is often a really recommendable move as you’ll be saving your money and time. High-quality tables will have quality features, steady physical design and delightful decorations that go well with the play environment.

These are amongst the Best-Rated Foosball Tables. Undoubtedly, there is a kind of foldable foosball table for every person and for every family, so just choose it and keep playing. 

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