Different Types of Foosball Tables | Best Foosball Table Guide

Different Types of Foosball Tables | Best Foosball Table Guide

The game of foosball truly may be a global sport and may be found on every continent throughout the planet. What fuels the origin and continued existence of the game are that the hottest sport within the world, football (also referred to as soccer in the United States). Wherever fans are often found, there’ll be people who want to play the miniature version also.

If you read the history of the sport, you’ll find that it had been actually invented within the UK within the 1920s. However, the sport has evolved over the last 100 years to vary counting on what geographical area you reside in very similar to our regional cuisine, a number of this is often driven just by what else is around that area of the planet. From architecture influencing the table design to the sort of wood and resources readily available to construct the table, each area of the planet has something unique to supply. These differences in construction also greatly impact the particular sort of how the sport is played starting from fast, action-packed to slow, and more strategic.

That is one more reason why in 2002 the administration of professional foosball, the International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF), was established at the international level in an effort to stay rules and standards for the way the sport is played around the world. They dictate the brands of tables that will be utilized in professional tournament play and only the very best quality models are often selected. This organization has recognized only a few table makers from the core four countries that are well-known for creating pro Foosball tables.

Foosball tables are available in three basic types: Stand-Alone, Tabletop, and Multi-Game. All have their advantages and drawbacks. None of them is necessarily better or worse, it all comes right down to what you are looking for.

The price range for both is sort of different, as is that the quality and overall playing experience. Consider who it’s for and what you would like to urge out of it. Basically in this article, we are going to tell you about different types of foosball tables:

Different Types of Foosball Tables

Different Types of Foosball Tables

1. Based Upon Style

  • Stand Alone

A stand-alone foosball table is a traditional version. It stands on its own. It comes with legs attached, and thus may be a lot bigger than a tabletop, while also costing tons more also. However, a top-quality stand-alone will last a long-time and supply more authentic play. It’s ideal for older children, teenagers, and adults, and anyone generally who wants to play competitively.


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KICK 55inch Topaz Foosball Table

The minimalistic design of the counterbalanced foosball men brings more specialization in the foosball ball, allowing the players to simply track its location. The counterbalanced feature also aids the sport when playing one-on-one, since the foosball men balance themselves horizontally once you aren’t holding the grip.

  • Tabletop

A tabletop on the opposite hand is meant to take a seat on top of a sturdy surface. it is a lot smaller, lighter, and maybe transported around the house or taken anywhere you would like to travel. What’s neat about tabletops is that you simply can set them on a table, floor, or any pavement, counting on what’s most comfortable for the players. the standard of tabletops varies, a bit like stand-alone versions, with some being made out of plastic.

They are ideal for young children just starting out and beginners who are testing the sports bent to see if they’ll love it or not. they’re far less costly, so this could be the thanks to going if you only want to urge your kids to play with them until they get bored. If you purchase one, make certain it has non-scratch, non-slip pads to guard the surface it’s on.

KICK Squire Tabletop Foosball Table

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KICK Squire Tabletop Foosball Table

Ideal as an introduction to foosball for teenagers, or as a tabletop game in its title, the KICK Squire combines the high-quality build of all KICK tables with the portability to require it wherever you would like.

Sport Squad 40 FX40 Table

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Sport Squad 40″ FX40 Table

Whether you are looking for a pleasant gift for the youngsters, the workplace, or something that the entire family can enjoy, the game Squad FX40 Foosball Table may be a good and affordable option.

  • Multi-Game

Another type may be a multi-game, which incorporates a foosball table which will be converted into many other games, like air hockey, Ping-Pong, chess, checkers, bowling, shuffleboard, and so on. This is often ideal if you’ve got tons of kids who wish to play tons of various games but aren’t really serious about any of them. It is also very space-efficient for those that do not have tons of room in their home for games.

Converting from foosball to a different game involves removing the rods and placing one among the opposite surfaces on top. Multi-game tables are available in stand-alone and tabletop versions. they’re costlier, but offer tons of variety for those that want it.


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Different International sorts of Foosball Tables

There are six core variations of tables around the world. These styles are American, Czech Republic, French, German, Italian and Spanish. The below information provides a high-level overview of every one of those different types of table construction and playing styles by country. you’ll also click on a rustic to find out more about that particular style and therefore the various manufacturers that build them.

  1. Italian (Garlando, Roberto Sport)

Unlike the particular Italian Men’s team, Italian foosball is played at a very quick pace and a few local rules even consider it a foul if the ball stops within the table for a blink of an eye. More emphasis is placed on reflex & speed of thought as against calculated control, and hence, proper Italian tables are often found to be equipped with a glass playfield, tinier figurines, and lighter rods. The Italian kind of game-play, as a result, is exciting, varied, and suitable for players of all skill levels.

  1. French Tables (Bonzini, Sulpie)

Ask any Frenchmen what an honest football table is, and therefore the unequivocal response is that the ‘ Babyfoot’. That refers to the french sort of table – Heavy aluminum figurines, rubbery playfield, and lightweight cork balls. And in fact, in French colors! All of those factors contribute to a game-play that’s unmatched within the control of the ball and is extremely skill-driven. As a side, authentic French tables are always built by craftsmen and are known to be the foremost durable tables within the world.

  1. American Tables (Tornado, Shelti)

The only quiet tables to supply 13 figurines-a-side on a playfield as against 11-a-side, American tables are most favored by you guessed it – Americans. Typically played on a plastic laminated playfield with wide-foot figurines, the stress is on passing the ball and during this regard, American tables are amongst the simplest. Gameplay as a result of the larger feet becomes a slower-paced affair and in our opinion, is more catered to enthusiasts with a selected liking of slower, controlled gameplay.

  1. German Tables (Leonhart, Carromco, Tecball)

Another major sort of play, German foosball is often described as a mix of American pragmatism including European finesse. German figurines are designed very similarly to Americans but feel lighter, which lends to raised pinning as a result. Thanks to some of this sort of game-play are moderately fast, with good control and a more consistent/ predictable game-play.

  1. Spanish Tables (RS Barcelona)

Spanish football tables are wholly unique and are heavily inspired by the Spanish men’s football then consider the midfield to be the domineering aspect, and as a result, its foosball tables slope towards the center during a “U” shape. This leads to the midfield getting most of the balls, and therefore the use of the back pin because of the primary way of controlling the ball. Interesting, but are often tough to urge used to!


 Types of Foosball Tables


Now that you simply know the various styles, so what? it’s important to think about what style suits your preference, as this is often the simplest thanks to getting future value out of your purchase. Tables with faster, exhilarating gameplay are generally better choices for homes/ offices, while people trying to find a singular experience should choose the Spanish style.

We hope this guide has given you an honest base of knowledge about foosball tables. If you’d wish to explore a number of the brands that we’ve reviewed, explore our range of best foosball tables here which features practically all the sorts of tables covered. We even have a list of Vintage Foosball Tables.

In any case, nothing beats experiencing these different tables face to face. So keep practicing Foosball and Happy Playing.

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