How to Clean & Maintain a Foosball Table | Foosball Table Maintenance

How to Clean and Maintain a Foosball Table

Foosball tables have become so popular nowadays because of their easy availability and affordable prices. They are affordable are available in a variety of types with a variety of features and functions. No one wants to invest again and again in a foosball table and even they are well constructed to long last for years. It actually depends on you how you maintain your foosball table. To ensure that your foosball table lasts as long as possible, you have to pay attention to its maintenance. Here below are some tips and instructions that may help you with this. 

Before we start on how to clean and maintain your foosball table. It is important to know:

How frequently do you use your Foosball Table?

Before you get into the cleaning and maintenance part, first observe how much you use your Foosball table. As cleaning off the table totally depends on your usage. If you use your Foosball table regularly then you should also clean it regularly. Regular cleaning will make sure that every part of the table is good and in perfect working conditions. 

Let’s say if you use your table occasionally, then you should at least clean it in a month and also check at the same time if every part is working properly or not.

If you use your Foosball table rarely like once in 3-4 months then you should clean it once every month and also apply cover on it, to prevent it from moisture and dust particles.

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How to clean your Foosball Table? Cleaning Tips

Cleaning a Foosball table can be a tough job for some of you out there. People always have doubts about cleaning a Foosball table. Here are some tips on how to clean a foosball table:

Use a can of compressed air 

It can be referred to as the best technique to clean a foosball table. You can use a can of compressed air blower to clean the dust particles on the table. It is very helpful as it will also cover the cover of the table where it is almost impossible to clean with a cloth. You can use compressed air regularly for cleaning the foosball table. It is easy, consumes less time, and also cleans properly.

Use of dry Cloth 

After the first step, you can use a dry cloth to clean every inch of the Foosball table. It is important and recommended by experts to use a dry soft cloth that is chemical-free so that reactions with the colour of the table can be avoided. Chemicals on cloth can potentially affect the table’s colouring. The cloth can be used easily to clean the foosball table, the little footballers, and the rods. This procedure helps to make sure that there is no spillage on the whole table. It is also recommended to clean the legs of the table as they too get dirty but usually people forget about table legs. 

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Use rubbing alcohol 

The use of rubbing alcohol gives a perfect new look to your table. Even after cleaning with compressed air and dry cloth, you may find some spots on the table surface or maybe on rods or footballers. The use of rubbing alcohol clears those spots and at the same time also sanitizes the table. Make sure that rubbing alcohol should not have more than 60-70 % alcohol. It is important that the rubbing alcohol evaporates fast so use a particular amount of it. It is important to use rubbing alcohol in a limited amount suitable according to the table size. By this, you can avoid the stinky smell of the table surface. Along with all this make sure to put some elbow grease into your rubbing but don’t use too much as it can harm your table rod and players. 

Use Foosball Silicone on the Rods 

This is the final step when you have to put some Foosball silicone on the rods of the table. A fresh coat of silicone will keep your table rods fresh, rust-free as well as helps to attain maximum lubrication. Make sure to check the quality of silicone as cheap quality silicone may ruin your foosball table. The experts of the foosball table recommend not applying WD-40 on the table as it is very strong and can ruin the rods. 

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Things required while cleaning a wooden foosball table

Scheduled time of cleaning will result in better playing experience. For cleaning a wooden foosball table, there are a few things that are required. Here’s the list:

  • A furniture cleaner is required for a wooden table.
  • Soft cloth or towel (it should be chemical-free).
  • Plastic scraper as a scrubber.
  • White vinegar. 
  • 70-80% rubbing alcohol (should be used in limited quantity).
  • Silicone for rods.
  • Wood polish and Gloves for sanitation and finish touch.

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How to Maintenance your Foosball Table? Maintenance Tips

  • First, you need to check the table regularly to see if it’s working properly or not. Check to ascertain that they are lubricated well with silicon oil to improve their functionality. Apply oil on the table and rods gently. Tornado brand is specifically recommended by experts as it is specially manufactured for foosball tables. 
  • Check your foosball players regularly. Check regularly if they are fixed perfectly or not. Maintain them by screwing them firmly on the rod if in case they are loosened. Properly fixed players will pass accurately and your game will last long. You can modify your team as a whom new team players can be purchased and installed. That will make your game more interesting and happening. 
  • You can clean inside the table with the help of a soft cloth which is chemical-free. You can clean inside with the help of cleaning solutions/ alcohol. Make sure to use a limited amount of solution while cleaning to avoid any kind of harm. All solutions are not the same, so make sure that you are using a solution that is perfectly suitable for foosball tables. Such solutions are easily available in the market. 
  • Cleaning and maintenance are two different things, maintenance means to care. People love to eat snacks while playing which can be joyful but can actually cause serious damage to the table surface. 
  • It is advisable to avoid dragging your table while moving it from one place to another. Instead of that, you can lift it up and then move it anywhere you are comfortable. Dragging reduces the lifespan of the table. 
  • Broken parts can be reinstalled with the help of glue or you can replace them with a new one to avoid incurring more expenses in the future. Remember, every single part of the foosball table can be replaced. 
  • The most important part is where you put your foosball table. Foosball is an indoor game and should be played inside your house. Playing foosball in your garden or backyard can be a risky job. They should not be left outside overnight or in sunlight as rain, sun or even moisture in the air can give great damage to your foosball table which will decrease its lifespan. 

Steps to remove stains from table

Steps to remove stains from table 

It is not a difficult job but it’s risky when you start removing stains from your foosball table. Any mistake can ruin the beauty of the table. Here are some steps:

  • It is important to do this job perfectly to make sure that you are not spreading stains throughout your table as once they get permanent, it will be difficult for you to get rid of them. 
  • Use a soft cloth with light alcohol or with water and gently wipe out the stains. It is recommended and better to use a light drink with a soft cloth or towel. 
  • Clean your table regularly. Sometimes it happens that you feel lazy cleaning the stains and later they get fixed on the table. Clean your table from time to time so that every stain can be easily removed. 
  • If in any case, stains stay longer and you find it difficult to clean them then you can do one thing. Mix ice water and vinegar in a little amount and mix it gently. You can use a cloth with microfiber. Wet that cloth, use it on the stain, and then rinse the fabric. Do it randomly until the stains wipe out permanently.

How to Clean and Maintain a Foosball Table

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Final Verdict – Maintaining a Foosball Table

If you are thinking of buying a foosball table then first get aware of how to maintain and clean it. Purchasing is a way to an easy job than maintaining. Your product life depends on the maintenance of the product. The more properly you will maintain it, the more you can use it for enjoyment. There are certain rules of maintenance which you should follow. There are some points and methods written above which can help you to easily maintain your foosball table. Foosball tables come in a wide range depending on size, features, functions but the technique to clean and maintain them is the same. Many professional foosball players change their tables from time to time and sell the old ones at a good rate as they maintain tables so well. You can actually do so while buying a new one but for that sale, you have to take care of the table. 

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