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Best Pool Tables In 2021

The game of Pool is best enjoyed with a few rounds of drinks together with your mates at your favourite pub. Unfortunately, in today’s busy lifestyle, not everyone has the time to travel out and play. Whether you are a complete newbie to the sport of pool or a seasoned pool shark, a top-quality billiard table might be in your future. Although most pool tables want to be pretty identical, that’s not the case. There are numerous different options and features when it involves pool tables lately that are often overwhelming to understand which one to settle on. In this article, we’re going to review some of the Best Pool Tables for you. Before Buying a Pool Table here are some things for you to consider.

Best Pool Table Choices in 2021

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Tables Buy
Hathaway Fairmont Portable 6-Ft Pool Table Buy From Here
EastPoint Sports Masterton Pool Table Buy From Here
Minnesota Fats Fullerton Pool table Buy From Here
Fusion billiard table and board  Buy From Here
Barrington Hawthorne pool table  Buy From Here

What to See when choosing Pool Table | Buying Guide

  • Size

Pool tables are often anywhere from three feet long for miniature models to nine feet long for full-sized tables. What you select depends on both your available space and your gameplay needs. Believe how you propose to play, also like whom, and you ought to be ready to choose the simplest size for your needs.

  • Stability

Stability is extremely important when choosing a billiard table. Although portable tables tend to be more lightweight, they will still be quite stable. Permanent tables also can be rather unstable if not well-designed and built. When trying to find stability during a billiard table, most of your attention should be directed at the legs and any points of connection between them and therefore the frame. An unstable billiard table can cause some very frustrating results, so do your research.

  • Level surface

A level billiard table surface is as important as a stable one. Attempt to find a table that has adjustable feet, as this may make keeping your table level a way more manageable endeavour.

  • Playing surface

Plywood is employed because the subsurface for several inexpensive pool tables, and it’s then covered with nylon cloth. While these tables are cost-effective, the plywood can easily warp if it gets damp or wet.

best pool tables - review 2021

  • MDF is a medium-density fiberboard. This makes for a solid and dependable playing surface.
  • Slate is vastly better than the other surface. It’s virtually impervious to temperature and moisture changes, and it’s extremely heavy. Due to this, slate is the costliest material also. If you would like to urge the very best quality billiard table available, search for one with a slate playing surface.
  • Synthetics are often used rather than MDF. These tend to be during a similar price range, but not as top quality as actual MDF.
  • Felt is made by adding wool to the nylon or polyester of a table covering. Felt offers reduced static and lets the ball appear a smoother fashion. Felt is the best surface topper for any billiard table.

  • Cushions

Lower-quality pool tables usually include thin rubber bumper strips, while higher-quality tables utilize fully contoured cushions that are moulded to the side of the table itself.

  • Pockets

Most pockets are made up of nylon mesh or textile and leather. Some pool tables include a ball return, though it isn’t really necessary for home play. Pockets are often simple or extremely ornate and ornamental in design.

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  • Style

Larger pool tables offer more style options than smaller tables. you’ll find billiard table styles to suit almost any décor style. Don’t assume you’ve got to urge a typical brown table with green felt if you would like something with a touch more pizazz.

  • Ball return

Some pool tables include a bar-style ball return. While most people do not feel the necessity for this feature, it is often a convenient thanks to retrieving balls during a hurry.

  • Cues

Some pool tables accompany cues included within the price. While these might not necessarily be the very best quality cues you’ll buy, It is a nice added feature if you do not want to spend extra cash on cues.

  • Price

Most pool tables cost between $60 and $2,000. Premium tables can cost the maximum amount at $5,000. $60 pool tables are inexpensive tabletop versions. For $500, you ought to be ready to get a classic table with an artificial playing surface. If you spend $2,000, expect to shop for an outsized eight- or nine-foot table with a slate playing surface.

Best Pool Tables In 2021

List of Best Pool Tables in 2020 | Review

Hathaway Fairmont Portable 6-Ft Pool Table

Buy From Here

1. Hathaway Fairmont Portable 6-Ft Pool Table

Buying a billiard table may be a serious investment in terms of both money and time because you would like to spend quite a bit on the table and spend even longer setting it up. Hathaway offers a convenient model for those that want to save lots of money and space. The Fairmont features a low retail price and a folding design.

When you buy a typical table, you would possibly pick the proper location in your home for it because moving it later is sort of hard. At just six-feet long, this model is far smaller in size and can take up less of your valuable space. If you would like to manoeuvre it for any reason, two adults can easily pick it up and transport it.

You’ll also find that you simply can fold down this table too. It’s two legs located on each end with an outsized metal panel between the 2 that functions as a cross beam. This adds more stability to the table and can keep it from falling down or tipping over.

The Fairmont also features a somewhat funky design that comes with a blue cloth material on the highest and a few silver accents. Though the table itself features a black finish, inlays on the rails use an equivalent silver material to assist you to work out where to place your cue supporting your shot. The manufacturer used an equivalent material on the corners two, which have sink packets that keep the balls safely stored as you play.

Thanks to a 180-day warranty, you’ll return the table for a full refund and obtain your refund. The warranty covers the table itself and every one the included accessories. Hathaway gives you a full set of coloured and striped balls, table brush, ball rack, cue sticks and chalk.

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  • No assembly required and straightforward to manoeuvre. 
  • Sturdy and high quality-made.
  • Built for little spaces.
  • Integrated leg levellers.


  • 76-in L x 43.25-in W x 32-in.
  • 110 pounds.
  • 6-ft.

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EastPoint Sports Masterton Pool Table

Buy From Here

2. EastPoint Sports Masterton Pool Table

You can add slightly of sophistication and elegance to your home and celebrate with loved ones with this Masterton billiards table, which allows you to play all of your favourite games. Unlike other models that use a green material, EastPoint Sports chose a softer cream material for this table. That colour helps tone down the darker wood utilized in other parts of the table.

The classic design of the Masterton applies to both the legs and every other part of the table. Those legs feature a standard design that shows an animal paw holding onto a little ball. The manufacturer also chose darker woods for the table that increase its expensive and opulent look.

Located around the top of the Masterton may be a rail system that features inlays designed to assist you to opt where to put your cue and the way to line up successfully. Each rail also features a coating that’s immune to scratches and other damage which will occur because the cues rub against the surface.

In between each bit within the rail system may be a pocket with a leather holder beneath. Those dark leather pockets make sure that the balls go inside and not over the side of the table. allis large enough for larger hands to slide inside and retrieve those balls too.

Another top feature of the Masterton is the built-in levellers. You’ll find one on each leg that you simply can adjust in seconds to form sure the highest is totally flat. This keeps balls from rolling across the table before you play.

EastPoint Sports includes all the accessories that you simply need with this table too like a brush for wiping down the material before you play. You furthermore may get two pool sticks with blue chalk and a group of balls that matches inside the included rack.


  • Has a built-in leveller.
  • Classic parlour style drop pocket design.
  • Resistant to scratches and other damage.
  • Complete with all Accessories.


  • 87 inches x 50 inches x 31 inches.
  • 215 pounds.

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Minnesota Fats Fullerton Pool table

Buy From Here

3. Minnesota Fats Fullerton Pool table

Create a bold statement in your home with this Minnesota Falls Fullerton table. Minnesota Fats ranks among the highest pool players in history, and this table comes with everything he loved about playing. It even has red felt on top, which sets it aside from other models and works nicely with the fake leather covers over the pockets.

Also setting this model unique is its overall design. Made up of a kind of deep and dark wood, it’ll catch the attention of anyone who enters your recreation room or rumpus room. Uniquely designed pockets hang over each corner and along the edges of the table to catch your balls, making it easy to ascertain where all of your balls are in the subsequent time that you simply play.

This set comes with some great accessories that make it easy for you to play too. You’ll get two pool cues that you simply can use for hitting the included balls, which are available as both solids and stripes to assist you to play against an opponent. You furthermore may get your own rack for fixing the balls, chalk for keeping score as you play and a brush that you simply can easily use for wiping away crumbs or removing other debris from the highest.


  • Made by fine wood veneer.
  • Internal levelling system.
  • Nicely design perfect for indoor.


  • 96″ x 53″ x 31″ inches.
  • 309 pounds.
  • 1″ Dur-A-Bond played.

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Fusion billiard table and board

4. Fusion billiard table and board 

As much as you’re keen on the thought of getting a billiard table, you almost certainly wonder if you actually have enough space. Fusion designed this billiard table and board for those with limited space.

While it comes with everything you would like to play a game of pool, the lid actually snaps right back to place for using this as a dining room or table.

Its patented design includes a little void that sits between the felt and therefore the lid. That void is simply large enough for storing your cues, balls and even rack. Once you set the lid back on though, nobody will ever guess that this is often a billiard table.

Nylon pockets on each corner sit flush with the table and won’t extend when it’s in dining mode. The nylon pockets expand slightly to stay your balls from flying off the table then move right back to place after you remove those balls.

With clean lines and a cool design, this billiard table and board are suitable for any sort of home. You’ll customize the way it’s with chairs and benches of your choosing too.


  • Pool table and table in one.
  • Ready to play, no assembly required.
  • Has a unique design patented “easy-lift”
  • Perfect for family or professional meetings.


  • 840 pounds.
  • Sleek European design.

Barrington Hawthorne pool table

Buy From Here

5. Barrington Hawthorne pool Table 

Barrington Billiards offers several high-end pool tables like this Hawthorne model. It boasts a tournament-ready 100 by 50-inch space, making the table ideal for serious pool players. Beginners can still have some fun, but the added size will up the problem a touch.

The Hawthorne table is additionally pro-level in terms of design. Many billiard table buyers are trying to find a timeless style that you simply might find during a classy wood-panelled speakeasy. This table delivers exactly that. It features a wood build with scratch-resistant cherry veneer and ornate design details like claw foot legs. In short, it’ll add some sophistication to any garage, man cave or rumpus room.

The Hawthorne table is straightforward to assemble, though it still takes a couple of hours. You’ll want some muscle to lift the table and flip it over (rolling it’s going to break the legs).

The only downside to the present premium billiard table is that the included cues. They’re not excellent, but you’ll want to shop for more cues anyway for doubles and games.

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PROS: Solid build, classy design, tournament size.

CONS: Included cues aren’t great, very heavy.

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Best Pool Tables In 2021
Bottom Line:

A lot of billiard table designs suitable for home setup have flooded the market, and that they are locally available to our residents. Having the pool reception limits time and quarter wastage when one goes to the pubs and pool clubs. Instead, it helps increase the bond between you and your family. Buying the absolute best brands within the market is often a really recommendable move as you’ll be saving your money and time. High-quality tables will have quality features, steady physical design and delightful decorations that go well with the play environment.

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These are amongst The Best-Rated Pool Tables. Undoubtedly, there is a kind of pool table for every person, so just choose it and keep playing. 

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