Best Foosball Tables for Office Game Rooms 2021- Review

Best Foosball Tables For Office Game Rooms

The Best Foosball Tables for Office are often an excellent item. It allows for easy playing and straightforward recreation. Foosball doesn’t need clothing changes, or showers afterwards, so it can easily be used during a 15-minute break. Foosball encourages employees to speak during breaks, instead of watching their phones in silence. It helps with personal relationships, and running tournaments and competitions are often good bonding exercises

Benefits Of Playing Foosball within the Office Game Rooms

  • A Good thanks to Release Stress

There are tons of reasons that cause you to feel stress at work. It might be the demand of your boss that pressures you, competition between your colleagues for promotions, a bunch of paperwork, deadlines, demanding clients/customers, etc. once you have a foosball table within the office, you grab a friend/workmate and release your stress by that specialize in the ball, twisting the rods and scoring a goal! Stops people that specialize in their work for a couple of minutes. this manner you would possibly forget your stressful day for a quick period

  • It Is an honest Team Building Activity

Sometimes, it’s hard to create an honest relationship together with your co-workers, especially when you’re focused on your job and therefore the tasks at hand. Playing foosball makes people ask one another, and cheer on their teammates. It’s an excellent bonding exercise

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  • A Great Break From Work

Tasks aren’t given equally to all or any of the workers, some are given more manageable tasks, and a few are unlucky and obtain more demanding jobs. You give your best most of the time, but there are times that you’ll find it hard to unravel a number of your work problems.

Of course, you would like an opportunity. Doing something slightly physical, which doesn’t cause you to too tired, and you’ve got to believe, takes your mind off this much more than simply sitting during a break room.

Best Foosball Tables for Offices Game Rooms

Tornado Tournament 3000

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Tornado Tournament 3000 Foosball Table

If you’re trying to find some fast action, the Tornado Tournament 3000 (about $2195) fits the bill. it’s installed with the company’s patented players, which have sharp corners and an improved cross-section, allowing better ball control whether shooting for a goal or passing.


  1. Dimensions: 56 x 30 x 36 inches
  2. Weight: 355 pounds
  3. Bearings: Tournament grade bearings
  4. Rods & Handles: 8 sided – super high grip interchangeable handles system exclusive to Tornado
  5. Cabinet: Split cabinet design
  6. Goalie: 3 goalies
  7. Foosball Men: Counterbalanced men with tornado redesigned player offers precise ball control
  8. Side Ball Return: Yes
  9. Manufactured within the USA.
  10. Smooth high-quality bearings
  11. Oversized levelling feet


  1. Achieved ITSF Certification.
  2. Adjustable Leg Levelers with Solid Commercial Grade Legs.
  3. Thin-Wall Split Competition Bearings for Perfect Ball Control and Shot Blocking
  4. 3/4″ Playfield Surface
  5. Perfect Ball Retrieval
  6. Heavy and durable Cabinet
  7. Patented Counterbalanced Players


  1. Weight may be of interest to someone.

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KICK Triumph 55″ Black Foosball Table, best Foosball Tables for Office

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KICK Triumph 55″ Black Foosball Table

If you’re looking for a top-quality Foosball table for your recreation room, this table is certain to pass muster. Kick has long-held brand recognition during this industry and has several top tier models available, but this unit seems to be far and away one among their highest-rated and hottest.

This regulation size table has everything any serious Foosball enthusiast will long to possess, yet it’s priced quite reasonably. Retailing slightly below $600, this top-tier table offers tournament quality performance at roughly half the worth of its counterparts. 

KICK Triumph 55″ Black Foosball Table known by its name, offering best performance at a reasonable price.


  1. Measurements: 55″ L X 30″ W X 36″ H
  2. Goalie Configuration: 3 or 1 optional
  3. Cabinet: 1/2 ” MDF
  4. Footmen: Counterbalanced
  5. Handle: No-slip wooden
  6. Weight: 123 lbs.
  7. Warranty: Lifetime


  1.  Value for money
  2. Sturdy construction
  3. Excellent playability
  4. Weighted rods
  5. Amazing customer support
  6. Lifetime warranty


  1. The assembly can take two to 3 and requires you to place in several screws.

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Carrom Signature foosball table

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Carrom Signature Foosball Table

The premium Carrom Signature (about $928) combines quality and performance for hours of action-packed fun. It features a 0.375-inch thick playing surface, cross supports to make sure stability, and therefore the choice to set it up with one or three goalies, counting on your preference.


  1. Available in three finishes
  2. Fast-spinning rods
  3. Screen Printed graphics
  4. Table dimensions 55 x 29 x 36 inches 
  5. Playfield thickness of 0.375 inches 
  6. Table weight 162 pounds 
  7. Cabinet sides thickness 1 inch 
  8. Rods Triple chrome-plated hollow steel
  9. Handles Octagonal wood 
  10. Counterbalanced men Yes 
  11. Goalies 1 or 3 
  12. Ball return End 
  13. Adjustable legs Yes 
  14. Warranty 1 year

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Atomic Gladiator foosball table, best Foosball Tables for Office

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Atomic Gladiator Foosball Table

The Atomic Gladiator is that ideal balance of expertise, playability, and price. It costs a touch under $500 but feels and plays a sort of a table twice that quantity. Sturdy steel rods tipped with solid wood handles leave intense gameplay without the fear of damaging it.


  1. Dimensions: 56″x31″x34″
  2. Weight: 226 pounds
  3. Goalies: 3
  4. Rods & Handles: Solid stainless steel Rods with Solid Wood Handles
  5. Counter-Balanced Men: No
  6. Foosball Men: Adjustable height & Levelers on the legs
  7. Side Ball Return: Internal Ball Return System
  8. Integrated Cup Holders, 4 Foosball, and Abacus Scoring


  1. Good for recreational gameplay
  2. Sturdy, quality build
  3. Comfortable ball retrieval
  4. Fun set of additional features
  5. Excellent player design


  1. Not a politician tournament table
  2. Foosball Men not counterbalanced
  3. Limited Warranty

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Hathaway Primo BG1035, best Foosball Tables for Office

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Hathaway Primo BG1035 Foosball Table

The Hathaway Primo BG1035 (around $409) features a butcher board design and a gorgeous, espresso-coloured, faux woodgrain finish that provides it with a premium look. Its solid wood handles are easy to stay a secure grip on and therefore the steel rods rotate smoothly, too.

The Hathaway 56-inch primo foosball table is formed from MDF, which is what’s commonly used for foosball tables. However, the table’s durability will mainly depend on the thickness and the way well the table is formed. When it involves durability, the Hathaway 56-inch Primo Foosball Table will certainly not disappoint. It’s one inch thick and weighs 130 pounds, making it durable and durable. The rods used for this foosball table are made up of solid steel, making them extremely durable. Furthermore, the players are moulded using plastic rather than the standard metal, which is really far better. It’s because metal players are harder to regulate than steel.

The Hathaway 56-inch primo foosball table is thick and heavy, making it well capable of withstanding vigorous play. But since it’s not made up of real wood, it’s more susceptible to damage. On top of every goal you’ll find a bead rating system and on each side are cup holders. Overall, the Hathaway primo foosball table may be a great foosball table to shop for if you would like something durable and aesthetically pleasing.


  1. Sturdy foosball table
  2. Aesthetically pleasing
  3. Rods are made up of durable chrome steel 
  4. Ideal for intermediate play


  1. Expensive price
  2. Players are made from plastic

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Warrior Professional foosball table, best Foosball Tables for Office

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Warrior Professional Foosball Table

The Warrior Professional (about $645) is one among the sole models recognized by both the International and us Table Soccer Federations, so you’ll rest assured it’s a high-quality option. It is equipped with a rod guard system that creates it safe for players of all ages.

  1. Scoring slides mounted on all sides 
  2. Swivelling leg levellers
  3. Balls can stick within the return tubes


  1. Materials Used – Steel, Manufacture wood, Laminate, and Plastic
  2. Dimension – 56 x 30 x 36 inches
  3. Weight- 200 pounds (Package weighs 215 pounds)
  4. Recommended age – 5 years and above
  5. Warranty – 1 year


  1. Safety
  2. Easy to assemble
  3. Great grip
  4. Durability
  5. Great precision
  6. Good Control
  7. Counter-balanced men
  8. Reasonably priced


  1. Tacky balls
  2. Bad handbook 
  3. Average return Table

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best Foosball Tables for Office

Foosball Tables for Offices Game Rooms- Buying Guide

The Downsides of an Office Foosball Table

Whilst there are many advantages, there’ll even be some potential negatives and possible problems that having a foosball table found out within the office may bring:

  • Should Employees be Doing Work?

An office foosball table may be a luxury, but also a responsibility. Whilst some workplaces will have very strict times for breaks, in many offices an employee is allowed to try to do things like get a coffee or choose an opportunity once they choose.

Managers have to take care that employees don’t spend so much time “bonding” over games of table foosball that they start to not spend enough time actually doing work!

  • The Potential for Arguments

We saw above how table foosball can assist with solidarity and communication, but there’s the potential for this to possess the entirely opposite effect. Games of foosball can often get quite competitive, and with any kind of competition, there’s an opportunity of things getting touch heated and arguments occurring.

Whether it’s a table moving accidentally (or deliberately) during gameplay, starting before somebody is prepared, the excessive spinning of the rods, or maybe something bizarre like an argument over which player gets the red team and which gets the blue… anything could trigger an argument.

If things aren’t resolved there then, this conflict could make its way back to the workplace. It can seriously damage teamwork and communication, especially if others within the office begin to urge involved and begin taking sides.


Some offices do not have the space to supply an outsized break area that completely breaks away the remainder of the office. In some companies, the foosball tables are going to be within the corner. In such a circumstance, the noise coming from those people playing, and therefore the sounds of the foosball itself hitting the sidewalls or goals, could also be extremely distracting for those that aren’t playing and try to urge on with their work.

This can also cause arguments and unwelcome conflict amongst the company’s workforce which managers will need to map out, and can be faraway from being impressed at having to try to do so.


Of course, there’s also the value of the foosball table itself. Depending upon the model and brand you select, this might not be much within the grand scheme of the company’s expenditure, but any cost is some things which must be taken under consideration. it’s going to not be within the firm’s best interests to get that top of the range expensive Tornado Tournament 3000 table if it means there’ll be no money left for advertising next month.

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Wrapping It Up

Like with most purchases, whether in business or in your personal life, there’ll be pros and cons, and certain factors to think about regarding its benefits and the way much it’ll get utilized in reference to the value.

But with the increasing number of foosball tables being seen in offices and firms of all industries across the planet, there are often little questions that managers of companies believe there are more potential benefits than pitfalls of shopping for Best Foosball Tables for Office.

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