Best Foosball Table Parts and Accessories | Review & Guide

Best Foosball Table Parts and Accessories Review & Guide

Foosball tables are one of the best items to own for having a fun time at your house or any indoor location. They are great to play on a game night with family or even when you have friends over. Foosball tables are the perfect pastime to distract yourself from your monotonous routine. 

Foosball is also played professionally and is enjoyed by many people around the world as a recreational activity. Foosball tables come in many designs, prices, and types. There are foosball tables available for different locations like tables for outdoor playing, foosball tables for living rooms, basements, and even arcades. 

A good foosball table has optimal height, is not very heavy and in terms of design, there are many variations you can choose from. Even after owning a foosball table, there are add ons and accessories that you can use with them to make the entire foosball playing experience better. 

Some of them are completely optional and only help in enjoying the experience but some of these accessories directly impact the functioning of the table and help make it better. We have added our favorite foosball table parts and accessories and what they do and made this comprehensive guide to enhance your foosball experience, let’s get started!  

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Basic Foosball Table Parts and Accessories – Review

Foosball Handles and Wraps 

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Brybelly Octagonal Handles Buy From Here
Warrior Foosball Wraps (bundle of 8) Buy From Here
Warrior Foosball Wraps (bundle of 60) Buy From Here

Foosball Table Handles and Wraps

Foosball Handles are quite essential pieces in foosball because they directly impact the quality of your game and the player’s performance. You get many different types of handles in terms of what material they are made from, their design, and their appearance. 

Foosball handles can be made of metal, plastic, and wood. They come in different designs and groves on them to give a good grip. The grooves can be varying and you have to check which grip style suits you better. Other than this, they come in different colors and some even with artwork, you can always have 2-3 types of handles with you to change them from time to time. 

Another accessory that can be paired with foosball handles is handled wraps and external grips which basically are used to protect the handles and give extra grip. This tends to help the person moving the foosball table from one place to another without losing their grip. These handle covers are generally made of rubber and really have a positive impact on the performance of the player. 

Foosball table Balls

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Tornado Dynamo Shelti Foosball Buy From Here
Warrior Table Soccer Red Foosball Buy From Here

Foosball Table Balls

The balls used on foosball tables are one of the most important pieces of the game because they are used to initiate the game, you can have a whole foosball table but if you don’t have the correct ball your playing experience will be quite disappointing. 

People generally play foosball with a standard ball that comes with the foosball table, but we are here to tell you that foosball balls come in different variations and different types of balls can add more fun and excitement to your game. You get these balls in a variety of varying designs, sizes, and materials used to make them. 

The first type of ball used is plastic balls which have a textured surface. Then there are balls made up of cork with high resistance to ensure adequate movement and not too much or too little. And then the most commonly used ball while playing foosball is the smooth foosball balls. 

A good quality foosball will make a lot of difference in the game. We ask you to not buy balls with a slippery and extremely polished surface because that means that the quality is not up to the mark. And on playing with them you will find that they tend to become worse with each use. Also, keep in mind to have different kinds of balls, this will ultimately enhance your playing experience. 

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Foosball Table Rods

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Brybelly Hollow 5/8-Inch Buy From Here
Billiard Evolution End Caps Buy From Here

Foosball Table Rods

Foosball Rods are an integral part of the game, they have a direct impact on the quality of the game and the functioning of the table. There are certain things to keep in mind when buying the right rods. 

The first would be the quality of metal because bad quality metal would wear out quickly and would not be able to take impact. Another factor to consider would be resistance and friction. The rods need to be smooth enough to not get jammed but not too slippery that they have no sort of grip or stillness to them. 

They need to have the perfect surface. You can always pick out from various colors which suit your style more. The weight of the rods is also important because if the rods are too heavy the game becomes very slow and it also becomes too tiring for the players. 

Prefer buying chrome-made rods which have a hollow center, which is the best quality available in the market. The ends of the rods are rough because they are industrially cut, for security and safety purposes consider buying rubber or plastic caps with them to avoid any injuries. 

foosball table player

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KODORIA Men Foosball Players Buy From Here
MonkeyJack Hard Plastic Foosball Players Buy From Here
Phinacan Foosball Men Players Buy From Here

Foosball Table Players

Custom foosball players are the coolest accessory to have to make the entire playing experience quirky and quite fun. You can choose what custom foosball players you want according to your liking. You can find actual figures of famous football players also in the market, though that can be expensive but on the other hand very exciting to own. You can also buy custom-made cartoons or characters as the players for your table. You get players commonly in plastic or wood and sometimes even metal. 

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Additional Foosball Table Parts and Accessories – Review

Fooseball Table Bumpers

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Tornado Foosball Rubber Bumpers Buy From Here
Imperial Foosball/Soccer Game Rubber Bumpers Buy From Here
Brybelly Universal Black Nylon Rubber Bumpers Buy From Here

Fooseball Table Bumpers 

Foosball bumpers are basically buffers between the walls and the table. Why are they needed? Imagine during a rough and active game of foosball one of the players pushes the table too hard towards the wall, the wall gets damaged, the table gets damaged and someone might even get hurt. This may not seem like the most convenient situation but trust us that this tends to happen more than you can think of. 

Imagine another scenario where you regularly use the foosball table and the wall around it and the sides of the foosball table get multiple scratches from recurring shaking of the table. 

No one likes damage like that. Foosball bumpers are basically buffers that safeguard the structure of the table and make sure that you can play tension-free. Good quality foosball tables use black rubber bumpers and cheaper tables use spring bumpers which are good too but do not provide the same quality of support. So if you are considering adding external bumpers we would suggest black rubber bumpers always. 

Fooseball Table Scoring Units

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Fansipro 2pcs Foosball Score Counters Buy From Here
LIOOBO 2pcs Scoring Unit Counters Buy From Here
Simhoa 2Pcs Foosball Scoring Counters Buy From Here

Fooseball Table Scoring Units

A good scoring unit with a foosball table serves many purposes. The first being that an easy-to-access scoring unit makes sure that the score is being tracked the whole time. In every game of foosball, you have to keep track of each point through every round. The second purpose of a scoring unit is to add real competition to the game. True that friendly non-competitive games are good, but games with real competition give thrill and excitement like nothing else. 

The third purpose of scoring units is to provide glamour to the table. A fancy-looking scoring unit will always add gravitas to your play inexperience and give a rich look to the table. If you believe in immersive gaming experiences then surely scoring units are something you must invest in. 

There are two ways of scoring, the first one is a conventional and old-school way of having a unit about the goalie position and changing the score every time you win a point. The second scoring system and the most common one is the beam system where you just slide the beads across the beam every time you score a point. It completely depends on you which system you like better and suits your style more. 

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Fooseball Table Lighting Accessories

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WINSOON Vintage Chandeliers Pulley Light Buy From Here
XIPUDA Chandelier Light Buy From Here
Billiard Lamp with Burgundy Metal Shades Buy From Here

Foosball Table Lighting Accessories 

If you are someone who is a gaming enthusiast and likes to play in the perfect environment then we definitely recommend you to get the right lighting accessories according to your choices. If you keep your foosball table in the game room then a focused light above your table will give better visibility.

Good lighting is also very important for accuracy and you do not want shadows to be the reason you lose. You can also add colored lighting and brightness options to really set a good tone for the game. Along with this, a good surround sound music system will make the playing experience quite wholesome. 

Fooseball Table Cup Holders

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Hathaway Drink Holder Buy From Here
Camco Adjustable Drink Holder Buy From Here
TIHOOD 2PCS Adjustable Folding Drink Holder Buy From Here

Fooseball Table Cup Holders

Cup holders are not exactly a game element but certainly an important part of the experience. Cup holders may not be used in the game or for the game but make the experience very convenient. 

Foosball requires you to be attentive and on your feet, this can get tiring and it is almost inevitable that you will keep a drink with you. To keep your drink closer and make the entire process seamless cup holders are required. Another role cup holders play is to protect the table from a mess.

Chances are if you keep your cups on the rim or the side of the table, they will spill or at least splash. To protect the table from such spillage, cup holders keep everything in place and you can drink without causing a mess. You can pick from various designs, colors, and materials and the price also varies from type to type. 

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Foosball Table Covers

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Hathaway Foosball Table Cover Buy From Here
Covermates Foosball Table Cover Buy From Here
NEVERLAND Foosball Table Cover Buy From Here

Foosball Table Covers

Ideally speaking a foosball table should come with a table cover but it conventionally does not.  However, that does not mean that it isn’t required. A foosball table cover actually is very important to increase the longevity of the table by protecting it from normal wear and tear. A foosball table cover also protects the table from dust accumulation and the catching of termites. 

If you move your foosball table from one place to another too often, we suggest you buy both types of table covers which are an indoor foosball table cover and an outdoor foosball table cover.  

An indoor foosball table cover protects the table from only dust and any sort of insects, on the other hand, an outdoor foosball table cover protects the table from agents of the weather like wind, rain, and sunlight. 

Make sure the outdoor foosball table cover is waterproof and sunproof. You can also make the table covers fancy and choose the ones with quirky designs. 

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Fooseball Table Bearings

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Tornado Foosball Table Bearing Set Buy From Here
LIOOBO Foosball Table Bearing Buy From Here
Brybelly Universal Rod Bearings Buy From Here

Fooseball Table Bearings 

Foosball bearings are complementary to foosball rods. Foosball bearings are mainly the holes on the table through which the chrome rods pass. These bearings are installed to make sure that the resistance given from the rods is reduced and you have a smooth playing experience. The bearing makes sure the gliding and the movement are smooth.  

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Fooseball Table Legs Levelers

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Tornado Black Foosball Leg Levelers Buy From Here
CueStix International Leg Leveler Buy From Here
Sterling Gaming 6-1/4-Inch Chrome Leg Levelers Buy From Here

Foosball table leg levelers are basically installed to maintain stability. If the current table legs you have are wobbly or shaky, table leg levelers will work like a dream for you and we absolutely suggest you buy them. If your current table legs are thin and not that reliable them of course go ahead with table leg levelers. 

Best Foosball Table Parts and Accessories

Final Verdict

We know it can be hard to search the wide sea of the internet and that is why we hope that this guide helped you and gave you some direction and insight into what sort of addons you would like to own with your foosball table. We hope you have a great foosball playing experience. Happy Shopping!

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