Best Foosball Table Covers Review & Buying Guide

Best Foosball Table Covers Review & Buying Guide

Foosball table covers aren’t included within the package once you are buying a foosball table so people assume they’re not important. But, the outdoor foosball table cover is the most vital accessory you’ll have for the table.

The outdoor foosball table cover prevents rain, leaves, and other debris from landing on the table. But, not all table covers are good and it’s important to understand which table cover is for outdoors and which is for indoors.

As mentioned before, when you buy any foosball table, it’s unlikely that there’ll be a table cover included. This is often surprising really as manufacturers could have an outsized logo thereon, and if mass-produced they might not be that expensive. As foosball table covers aren’t included with the table purchase, tons of individuals think that they’re not necessary, however, even an inexpensive one can considerably increase the lifespan of your table.

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Best Foosball Table Covers Review & Buying Guid

How to Buy a Foosball Table Cover – Buying Guide

Now, we are going to talk about things your should remember or check while making a table cover purchase for your foosball. An Indoor foosball table cover must be made up of quality fabric, and be lightweight. This enables simple to use, isn’t difficult to place on or begin your table. These are going to be more substantial and doubtless cost a touch more, as they need more to guard the table against.

  •    Materials Used

Materials wont to manufacture these covers is usually Cotton, Polyester, or Vinyl. I might recommend an extended waterproof polyester to protect an inside table, and an extended vinyl protects outdoor Foosball Tables. A good quality cover should last for the lifetime of your table, and any damage that might are taken by the table is given to the duvet 

  •  Design    

There tends to be two design of table covers:

  • Slotted Covers

These have cuts within the side of it to travel over the handles. These make it easy to ascertain that there’s a foosball table underneath it, and are quick to place on and begin. These tend to be shorter and don’t protect the entire table.

  • Uncut Covers

These don’t have the slots within the side. Tend to hide the whole table, and are usually tied at rock bottom in order that they can’t move around. Offers excellent protection because the whole table is protected, but will take longer to place on and begin than the slotted covers.

The type of canopy you would like for an inside table is up to you. Both provide an honest level of protection. However, for an outside table, you ought to get a water-proof Uncut vinyl to protect the simplest protection. These are often securely fastened in order that the wind can’t loosen it, and therefore the rain get to your table

  • Size 

You want to make sure that you simply get one that’s the right fit, search the measurements of your table, or measure it yourself, then order one for a table of that size.  Also, check out the length of it, in order that you’re getting the length you would like.

If the length and width are too small, then it’ll not fit on your table. If it’s too big, it’s not going to look excellent. If you get the length wrong, well, it’s still getting to fit on your table, but might not be what you wanted.

  • Budget

Prices of covers can range from as low as $20 to all or any the high to $80. Bear in mind that being expensive doesn’t always translate to the simplest quality. That being said, costlier options accompany more colour options and a premium finish. 

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How to Maintain Foosball Table Cover – Guide

This item is required to guard your investment. Good quality foosball tables will last an extended time, having a canopy for it will help it last several more years, and keep it wealthy. It should provide protection in the following ways:

  • Keep The Table Clean

Having a canopy will keep the table surface clean. Any drink spillages, liquids, or objects falling onto the table are going to be prevented from aging to the playing surface.

  • Keep The Table Safe

Should the playing surface get damp, it’ll warp, or should an important object fall onto it; it’ll become dented. A foosball table that doesn’t have a smooth flat playing surface is useless. Replacing the surface if it does become damaged is extremely difficult!

  • Keep The Table Protected

The covered sides also will be shielded from bumps and scratches as people and things travel by it. Once you’ve had a table for say ten years, it’ll have numerous small scratches. 

Paint and colours also fade with time, (several years) if left within the light. a canopy also will stop this from happening. In ten years your table could still appear as if new.

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Top 3 Foosball Table Covers to Buy (Reviews)

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Covermates Foosball Table Cover Buy From Here
NEVERLAND Foosball Table Cover Buy From Here

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1. Covermates Foosball Table Cover

The first one we have on our list is Covermate’s foosball table cover. Covermates may be a brand that produces different types of covers for various things, including the foosball tables. We suggest that because it means they know what they’re doing. This cover is another outdoor foosball table cover and it’s made from 12-gauge commercial vinyl which suggests it’s very durable.

They only have one cover that comes in two different colours; black and khaki so you’ll choose which one suits your backyard best. The cover covers the whole cabinet while the legs are left uncovered. But, it’s 4 straps and buckles you’ll use to repair the duvet to the table, which is great.

This is one among the universal covers you’ll use on different foosball tables, just confirm it’s the proper fit for your table. For instance, it is often an honest choice as a Harvard foosball table cover due to the dimensions of the cupboard, but if you would like it, confirm it fits 100% to your Harvard foosball table.


  • Dimension: 56″L X 52″W X 15″H
  • Material: 12-gauge Vinyl
  • Colour: Black, Khaki, green 


  • Lightweight, easy to place on and off
  • 2-year warranty
  • Excellent price point


  • Available in just limited color

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2. Hathaway Foosball Table Cover 

If you want the best foosball table cover that’s lightweight and space-efficient, look no further than the Hathaway foosball table cover: a canopy perfectly made for your indoor foosball table. Made strictly to guard the table’s surface, this cover features a uniquely shaped design to require as little unnecessary space as possible while still keeping the tabletop in top shape for the subsequent time you play.

With a precision fit design with scalloped edges, this foosball table cover doesn’t cover the table’s rods and handles, instead of being moved drape over the table while avoiding extra folds.

This is often reflected within the cover dimensions: 52 inches long, but only 29 inches in breadth. With the 5 inches tall, this cover is even more lightweight and straightforward to get rid of and replace on. 

The durable quality alongside reinforced edge seams brings a table cover that’s especially immune to tears. Another plus that speaks of its worthy construction is that the leather relaxes and stretches slightly after use which makes it easier to place the duvet on and obtain it off.


  • Dimensions: 56 x 29 x 5 inches 
  • Material: synthetic leather with fabric underline 
  • Guarantee: not specified


  • Precision fit wastes no excess space or material 
  • Made to resist tearing 
  • Lightweight 


  • Doesn’t fully cover rods and handles.

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3. Neverland Foosball Table Cover

Next, we have a superb choice for those who’re trying to find dependable protection against unwanted debris at an inexpensive price is the Best foosball table cover for them. This multipurpose cover does an excellent job in protecting your Foosball table through all-seasons be it indoors or outdoors. 

The cover measures 63 x 45.28 x 19.69 inches and is meant to suit most Foosball tables. This is available in three attractive colors to match the aesthetics of your class- Beige, Black, and Silver-Aluminium. Durable sewing along the seams and corners ensures you will not rip this cover easily. The elastic edges stretch to suit most tables.

The duvet is formed out of high-quality 300D oxford marine grade polyester which offers both UV protection also like 100% waterproofing. It covers the playing surface completely alongside rods and taking it on and off is simple.

Priced under $30, you’re getting an excellent cover that’s durable, requires little to no maintenance, and offers excellent protection. The fabric is often washed when it gets too dirty, and besides that, it doesn’t need much else. This cover does sit a touch loose, but won’t be going anywhere on windy days. All-in-all a superb choice and great value for money!


  • Dimension: 63″L X 45.28″W X 19.69″H
  • Material: 300D Oxford Marine Polyester
  • Colour: Beige, Black and Silver-Aluminium


  • Available in three colors
  • Snug fit with elastic edges
  • Water and Weather-proof
  • Bang for the buck


  • The fabric may be a little thinner than expected

Buy From Amazon

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Best Foosball Table Covers Review & Buying Guide

Final Verdict

Foosball tables are great fun but must be treated with care. they’re not cheap either, and keeping them in fine condition is vital to maximizing the lifetime of your purchase. Getting a Foosball table cover is usually worthwhile. Nobody wants to play on a trashed table!

If you’re trying to find the best foosball table cover, there are two belongings you need to respect, the aim of the duvet and its size. confirm that the duvet you chose fits your table and if it fits, you can’t fail. But, we might suggest you employ the universal Covermates foosball table cover because it’s made to last and therefore the price isn’t very high.

You have many all-weather covers to settle on from. So no matter where you reside, rain or shine, you’ll rest easy knowing your Foosball table is safe. albeit you simply keep it indoors, cleaning a Foosball table is just too much of a hassle whenever.

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