Atomic Pro Force Foosball Table Review 2021 | Best Foosball Table

Atomic Pro Force Foosball Table Review

Playing foosball is one of the best ways to spend some quality time with your friends and family. Foosball can also be played for competitions and professional organizations. If you are going to buy a foosball table there are a number of options available for you, but the Atomic Pro Force Foosball Table is one of the Best Tables at Good Price and best quality. There are different types of foosball tables such as Standard foosball table, Tabletop foosball table, Coffee foosball table, Combination game tables, and Coin-operated foosball table, Air Hockey foosball table

Today we are going to review the Atomic Pro Force Foosball Table it features, buying guide, best shopping options. The Atomic Pro Force Foosball table is the best table as per the price of this table. This is the best foosball table you would find in comparison with all other foosball tables of this range. The soothing colours used in this table are a boon for your eyes. It is a simple yet stylish table that will make an edge in your gaming room or in a professional office environment. 

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Atomic Pro Force Foosball Table Review

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Atomic Pro Force Foosball Table – Features

  • The Atomic Pro Force Foosball table is a high-quality foosball table for an active play.
  • This is a durable MDF foosball table that is laminated with rich and stylish bamboo.
  • The dimensions of this product are 56″ L × 29.5″ W × 34.5″ H.
  • It weighs about 103 pounds/ 46.72 kgs.
  • This foosball table has a manual scoring system.
  • The Atomic Pro Force Foosball table has an in-built internal ball return and ball entry.
  • The hollow chrome steel rods give you a fantastic gameplay experience. It speeds up your play and helps you score faster.
  • The hollow chrome steel rods also come with comfortable rubber grips and octagonal handles at the end of it to make your hands comfier while playing. It also ensures to enhance your potential.
  • This foosball table comes with 4 balls.
  • There are robot style players in the foosball table.
  • For an even playing field, there are 3.5- inch leg levelers.

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Why Choose Atomic Pro Force Foosball Table – Buying guide

If you are looking for the ultimate best foosball table for you, then you should keep some important points in mind before buying it. We have prepared a list of those below.

  • Size

If you have a big space in your house or club, wherever you are going to place it then size is not a big issue. But if you have a limited place for a foosball table, remember to buy a compact one. A standard full-size table is 56- inches long and 30- inches wide. Mostly, the experts of foosball suggest having a playing space of 7- feet by 8- feet for a foosball table.

One thing to remember is that the extended rods are not counted under the width of the table. If you are shopping for a foosball table and are going to place it in a limited space, remember to add the length of the extended rods to the total width of the table.

  • Goalie configuration

One of the major questions that come in the mind before buying a foosball table is the number of goalie setups. There are two types of the foosball table in terms of goalies, i.e. single- man goalie and three-man goaliesIf you are a beginner in foosball playing, a three-man goalies foosball table will be suitable for you. But if you want to refine your skills in the game, a single- man goalie foosball table will be the best for you. 

Also, most of the high-end foosball tables with a three-man goalie setup can be changed into a single- man goalie setup with ease. But these tables cost a little extra from your pocket.

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  • Counterweighted men

If you want to play a professional level game and want to make the best of your gameplay, opt for a foosball table with counter-weighted men. They make your playing easy as they stay in a horizontal position when you release them, which means you don’t have to worry about them getting in your way when you’re taking a shot. So, if you have a counterweighted man on the playing rods you will have the best experience while playing foosball.

  • Table levelers

If you are planning to play foosball you would definitely want to win. To win a match in fair gameplay, you should have a foosball table with levellers. If you have stable and rigid table levelers then there will be no winning with unfair means like leaning onto the foosball table.

Atomic Pro Force Foosball Table Review

  • Playing Rods

One of the major things that affect your gameplay is the type of playing rod used in the foosball table. Make sure if you are buying a foosball table, purchase the one with steel rods. The steel rods should be of good quality so that it can last long. 

Also, one of the important features in the steel rod is that it should be hollow from inside. A hollow steel rod will make your gameplay fast and easy. Almost all of the best high-end foosball tables have hollow steel rods. Most of the mid-level foosball tables or one for the beginners generally have a solid steel rod.

  • Construction

The foosball tables are made up of three basic materials, i.e. Solid Wood, Composite, and Particleboard. The most high- end foosball tables are made up of solid wood. The cheapest foosball tables are made up of particle board material. The composite material falls in between them. Foosball tables cost according to the material used in its manufacturing.

If you don’t have a budget issue go for a solid wood material foosball table. But if you have a little tight hand in expenditure don’t worry. The composite material foosball table does have some extra benefits relatively from the solid wood material foosball table. The solid wood material foosball table is open to warping in humid weather. But a composite material foosball table doesn’t get affected in hot and humid weather and can easily sustain in that. Buying a particle board material foosball table will not be such a good option for you as it breaks easily.

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Atomic Pro Force Foosball Table Review

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Final Verdict

The Atomic Pro Force Foosball table is a mid-range table and is exceptionally great for the beginners or people who are an average player. It is the best you can get in the price range offered by this company. It is not well suited for a heavy traffic area as it can be knocked over or moved far too easily. 

It is a simple and stylish foosball table that can be placed in your house gameplay room or in an office environment. The construction of this table is not so heavy and has easy mobility. Although, there are many foosball tables out there in the market with more quality features than this Atomic Pro Force Foosball table. But if considering the price of the foosball table, it is the best foosball table in the market.

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